Mixtapes: Five tracks that could also be about bedtime

A mixtape with the title "Five tracks that could also be about bedtime".

As I mentioned recently, bedtimes have become more than a little challenging in our house. We have three wonderful but iron-willed children who are resistant to the idea of settling down for the night.

I love music and often have songs stuck in my head inspired by any given situation I find myself in. Here, then, are five tracks that could also be about bedtime.

Muse – Uprising

This belter of a track comes from an album that was, in part, influenced by George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. It’s a rallying cry to rise up against an oppressive regime.

But some of the lyrics could be argued to be the thoughts of beleaguered parents of an evening. Throw in the video’s nightmarish teddy bears and you can’t hear the chorus without thinking of bedtime battles of will.

Maxïmo Park – What Did We Do To You To Deserve This?

The majority of the lyrics in this track by my favourite band are clearly inspired by the current political climate. But I often find myself singing a couple of the lines to myself while trying to reason with the kids every night.

“What did we do to you to deserve this? You’re doing everything you can to preserve this” pretty much sums up the thankless task that is attempting to get them to stay in their beds.

Kaiser Chiefs – Bows & Arrows

“You and me on the front line. You and me every time.” Sung from the point of view of a duo primed for a losing battle, this Kaiser Chiefs song really resonates with me once we hit the witching hour.

The repeated “And if that’s true then we’re not the only ones” is delivered confidently and with a sense of empowerment, but I tend to think of it as the desperate ranting of two frazzled parents. We’re not the only ones, are we?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down

This song by the late, great Tom Petty is a much-loved favourite in my family. I have many happy memories of childhood holidays in France, singing along to it in the car with my parents and sister.

Now, however, the title seems to be a mantra for my kids once they’re in their pyjamas, while “There ain’t no easy way out” is my assessment.

The Coral – 1000 Years

I’ve always loved The Coral’s timeless sound and unapologetic quirkiness. I often feel like I’ve been waiting for a millennium for the kids to be quiet and go to sleep.

Plus the line “Colours they change with the passing of time” is surely a reference to the hair on my temples and beard. There is hope, however. The next line is “You’ll find your way… You’ll find your way.” Yes, I’m sure I will. Eventually.

These are my five tracks that could also be about bedtime. What would yours be?


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