My best posts of 2017

So 2017 is almost over. It’s difficult to work out whether it’s been slightly better than 2016 or just a continuation of a new, depressing norm. That’s how things seem to be in the bigger picture anyway.

Closer to home, I’ve had a mixed bag. Losing my Grandma, although she’d had an amazing innings, was a big low. The feeling of fighting a losing battle to stop the council closing our local library has also been omnipresent.

In more positive news, the kids are all doing well, I appeared on TV twice and won a blogging award so things seem to be continuing in an upward trajectory both at home and professionally.

But what about the stuff that I’ve written about on here? I’ve consulted Google Analytics to find out which posts were read the most. Here, then, are my ten best posts of 2017.

A lion surrounded by stolen clothes.

10. The well of lost soles

Exasperated by the frequent loss of items of clothing at school, I investigate where they could have gone and what possessed my sons to remove them at the coldest time of year in the first place.

9. Are my kids plotting against me?

Avada Kedavra curses and elaborate plans to make the school run as tricky as possible led me to the inevitable conclusion that my three children have it in for me.

A spoof movie poster with the title 'The Evil Dad'.

8. Am I becoming the evil dad?

Recycling kid art, snaffling their Easter eggs and contemplating gluing together LEGO models. Could I possibly be losing my soft exterior?

7. Helping kids grow up – how much is too much?

Caught between wanting to protect our kids and concerns that they’re less knowing than their friends, I looked at what we could do to broaden their horizons without spoiling their childhood.

A screenshot of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2.

6. My TV debut

Well you don’t go on telly and neglect to show off about it afterwards do you? This post is about the first of two appearances in the nation’s living rooms this year.

5. Tickling: why stop means stop

Continuing the small-screen theme, this is a post about a topic I also discussed on live television. Should we stop tickling our children when they ask us to as a way of teaching them consent?

An angry looking Halloween pumpkin to represent the thing I hate about autumn.

4. Seven things I hate about autumn

While most of the internet was getting excited about the prospect of leaves, Halloween and eating soup again, I was penning this post about why I can’t stand autumn.

3. Here come the stroppy sevens

Having negotiated the terrible twos and threenagers twice each, I thought I had parenting sussed at least until the teenage years. But then came the stroppy sevens

A father and daughter reading a copy of Dear Zoo.

2. Dear Zoo: a literary criticism

Despite it being a family favourite, I’ve had some questions concerning the plot of Dear Zoo for a long while. This year, I tackled them head on

1. My top ten parenting fails

If you ever wanted proof that people read blogs because they relate to them then this is it. Some of my biggest mishaps as a parent in one post. At least I hope people related to it and weren’t just laughing at me…


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