Here comes Amelie to ruin Christmas

A poster for The Grinch edited to include my daughter who I think is trying to ruin Christmas.

I’ve written a couple of posts recently that some people may have taken as digs at Christmas. First I wrote a silly one about my family getting excited a bit earlier than usual. Then I wrote a sensible one along the same lines for Dad.Info.

Neither were; I was just grumbling about people wishing away time. I’m no Grinch but recent events have led me to believe that I may be harbouring one in my home. Yes, I think my two-year-old daughter may be one a one-toddler mission to ruin Christmas.

A toddler dressed as an elf holding a Christmas hat at arm's length.

The signs have been making themselves apparent since last week when the boxes of festive paraphernalia came down from the loft. Yes, this was too soon for my liking but, unfortunately, our house is a democracy.

As well as the tree, decorations and stockings, the boxes are home to a number of Christmas hats. Amelie loves headgear in any shape or form, so I thought she’d be all over them. Not so. We assumed she’d not seen them so offered her one.

To our surprise, this was met with a firm no and a stamp of the foot. She won’t have anything to do with them. She’ll happily wear the dreaded elf costume and, indeed, any other hat, but not them. Strange eh?

Then she started systematically dismantling Dylan and Xander’s LEGO Christmas decorations while they were at school. Before she got her hands on them the bricks had been lovingly assembled into a reindeer, a candy cane and a Christmas tree among other festive creations.

Now the scene at the LEGO table is more in keeping with what a Christmas special of The Walking Dead would look like. Perhaps the destruction of the tree in particular was a warning for Amelie’s next act of contempt towards yuletide…

This morning, I was witness to the most indisputable evidence so far. She knocked over the Christmas tree. Far from trying to blame the cat who, to be fair, has plenty of previous she sat on its table. The impudence! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!

So is Amelie out to ruin Christmas? I think there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this may be the case, but perhaps we need to put my theory to a stern test.

We’re going to a Christmas market tomorrow and may visit Santa while we’re there. That’ll do it. Apologies in advance, big man!


  1. John Adams

    Merely a curious two year old with lots of colourful things to play with! Sounds ideal to me. if she’s still knocking things over when she’s 15….panic.

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