Avoiding ‘present tense’ with Groupon

A pile of Christmas presents in front of a tree.

One of the things that bothers me most about the approach to Christmas is the shopping. We’ve actually made reasonable progress with ours so far, but I’ll readily admit that I’m beginning to struggle.

If I know what I want to get for people, there’s no problem. I shop around for the best deal and get the job done with minimal fuss. This is carried out online, of course; I can’t be doing with the stresses of shopping centres at this time of year.

It’s when I’m short on inspiration that I find myself in trouble. Not knowing what to buy combined with a healthy fear of getting the wrong thing and upsetting someone as a result is a potent combination! This is exacerbated by my embarrassing history of random panic buys.

Perhaps I’m not wholly original in naming it as such, but I refer to this feeling as the ‘Present Tense’. This year, I’m experiencing said phenomenon in relation to my dad.

He does so much for us and deserves something nice as a token of our appreciation. But he has everything he needs and, being the unassuming chap he is, can’t think of anything he wants. What a quandary!

Only yesterday, he helped me dismantle our beyond-repair sofa and took it to the tip. He even brought his own tools with him. For a moment, I contemplated breaking or losing one of them so I would have something I could buy him. I thought better of it. Mainly because he saw me trying to hide his club hammer.

A new approach is clearly in order. One such option is Groupon. Its gifts for men page has a wide range of ideas to suit different tastes and budgets. There look to be some great savings among them which is always welcome – particularly at this time of year.

As well as opening up possibilities for things that would normally be well out of reach cost wise, it has some brilliant experiences to choose from.

Experience gifts are always fun but, when I’ve received them in the past, they’ve been difficult to organise due to distance. There’s no such problem here. The suggestions all seem to be either local or in easy reach.

I have plenty of ideas to ponder now – including a few for myself as is often the way. I’m not going to reveal what any of them are as my dad will be reading this, but I’m optimistic that the problem of present tense is over for another year. Phew!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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