Two years old already!

A happy little girl who is two years old already!

Somehow or other, Amelie is two years old already. It doesn’t seem like long ago at all that our plans for a quiet home birth were replaced by the complete opposite, but calendars don’t lie! So how is she doing?

Well she’s becoming funnier by the day and knows it too. She seems to have a knack of finding humour in most situations and I’m often the butt of her jokes.

For example, she has started calling me Daddy Pig. As regular readers will know, I’m far from his biggest fan. I make it clear that I don’t like this, at which point she’ll say “Sorry Daddy… Pig!”

She also enjoys hiding things at the moment. Again, I’m convinced this is to mess with my head in a bants kind of way. I caught her putting LEGO bricks under my pillow the other day – lucky it wasn’t at the feet end, eh?

Furthermore, her dummies keep going missing. I spent the best part of an hour looking for one last night. This morning, she casually turned up with three of the bloody things. As soon as she has all of her teeth and no more related pains, they’re going. I expect she has a stash of them somewhere though.

Her language is coming along amazingly and she absolutely loves books. While Dylan and Xander both had their favourite stories that they wanted every night, Amelie is more than happy to have a mix of new ones and favourites. Hopefully we’ll win our fight to keep the library open or this is going to get expensive!

Another of her favourite things is music. As well as the songs she sings along with at Rhymetime, she enjoys the stuff we play her. There has definitely been some indoctrination on my part, but she always asks for Maxïmo Park now.

It’s a nice little ritual; she joins me in my office while Kate collects Dylan and Xander from school and we sing and dance along to two or three tracks before going downstairs to make a pot of tea. Lovely!

Despite my prediction about an early start to the terrible twos, Amelie has been fairly placid on the whole.

As the picture above shows, she has the odd half-arsed tantrum that she doesn’t really commit to, but that’s it. I’m under no illusions that we’ve swerved this tricky phase, but it’s nice that she has held back so far. Maybe music has soothed the savage beast?

It’s an absolute joy having her around and we’re always looking forward to finding out what she’ll get up to next.

Happy Birthday Amelie!

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