Review: Cubetto Colouring Pack

The Cubetto Colouring Pack in action.

We loved reviewing Cubetto earlier this year. The friendly little robot provided a fantastic introduction to coding and the boys have enjoyed playing with him regularly ever since. It was very welcome news, then, to learn that an add-on kit is now available.

If you’re as old as me, you may remember Turtle robots which could draw. I recall my mum – who was a primary teacher – bringing back her school’s Turtle one half term. I loved programming it to doodle on large pieces of paper. Well, this new kit enables Cubetto to do the same.

The contents of the Cubetto Colouring Pack.

The Cubetto Colouring Pack comprises a washable map, six pens, a strong ‘doodle band’ and, of course, instructions. The band attaches to Cubetto himself. As well as making him look like Mark Knopfler, it acts as a means of holding pens in place.

Sending him around the map results in patterns being drawn. It’ was fascinating watching both how these took shape and the reactions of the boys!

We started off by attempting a circle. Xander placed the relevant blocks in the board, pressed the button and Cubetto was off! Moments later, the square that he was in had a perfect circle inside it.

Next, we tried a more detailed programme to create a larger shape. We also added two pens instead of just one. Cubetto was soon underway on another journey creating some more pleasing lines and shapes.

The Cubetto Colouring Pack map with lines drawn on it.

After a few more completed programmes, the map began to resemble the London Underground! There were colourful lines intersecting each other everywhere, providing evidence of numerous journeys.

And that’s what I particularly like about this set. It enables children to see exactly where Cubetto has moved and this serves to reinforce the coding skills the original playset teaches them. Basically, it makes an already brilliant educational toy even better.

As the map and ink are washable, they can be used again and again, which is great as I’m sure Cubetto is going to be doing plenty more drawing over the coming weeks!

The Cubetto Colouring Pack Doodle Band and pen in use.

The Cubetto Colouring Pack is available for £40. Alternatively, the Code and Colour set – which includes both the original playset and the Colouring Pack – costs £210.

Furthermore, Primo Toys has recently launched a free ebook entitled Beginning Computer Programming for Kids. Coding skills will become increasingly important to our children. This guide is packed with information to help them get off to a great start, so it’s well worth downloading.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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