Peppa Pig does The Walking Dead

The original poster for The Walking Dead with Daddy Pig superimposed.

It recently struck me that thee are quite a few unlikely similarities between the two TV shows I watch the most. Namely The Walking Dead and Peppa Pig.

What could a compelling survival drama and an irritating anthropomorphic pig possibly have in common, I hear you ask. Well here’s the evidence I’ve gathered so far.

In the spirit of fairness, I should warn you that there are potential spoilers in this post. So if you’re not up to speed with The Walking Dead or – I suppose – Peppa Pig, you may want to stop reading.

A television screen showing an episode of Peppa Pig.

In the very first episode, we see what Peppa and George would look like as zombies. I kid you not.

As all true fans of The Walking Dead know, however, the story isn’t actually about the walkers. They’re just a groaning, biting part of the scenery really. This conveniently eliminates the need to find any more flesh-eating fiends in Peppa Pig and, instead, to look at other similarities.

One of the friendly communities in The Walking Dead is called The Hilltop. In Peppa Pig, all of the houses are on hilltops. Coincidence? I think not! They’re clearly readying themselves for an apocalypse. Meanwhile, the Hilltop’s leader, Gregory, is completely inept. Much like Daddy Pig.

So what of this impending zombie apocalypse surely destined for the next series of Peppa Pig? Well, much like Jim in season one of The Walking Dead, Mr Bull is obsessed with digging holes. Jim only realises why he’s done so once a couple of other survivors have been chomped – I think Mr Bull is onto something.

Mr Bull from Peppa Pig.

What about the bad guys though? Well, there are wolves in both shows. Sure, the ones in Peppa’s community don’t attack people or carve the letter W on their heads – yet – but there’s still something quite menacing about their presence and Daddy Pig doesn’t seem to trust them.

How about some even more menacing adversaries? In one episode, Madame Gazelle arrives at Peppa’s house to collect items for the jumble sale. It doesn’t seem as though they were expecting her or, indeed, that they would have to hand over their treasured possessions. It can’t be just me who’s reminded of The Saviors here.

Speaking of The Saviors, I can’t neglect to mention their psychopathic leader, Negan. Surely the producers of Peppa Pig have never included anything I could claim to resemble him or his actions? I beg to differ…

A television screen showing an episode of Peppa Pig.

So is this the way forward for Peppa Pig? Almost certainly not, but I’d watch it.

More daft whimsy on here again soon.


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