The ‘must haves’ for our family holiday

A notebook for planning our family holiday.

With temperatures plummeting, it’s natural to start longing for summer again. With that in mind, we’ve been starting to plan our family holiday for next year. We haven’t had one for over three years and there are now five of us, so there’s much to consider!

I always find that noting down the ‘must haves’ before looking online is a good approach for any purchase. With that in mind, here’s what’s on our list.

Family-of-five friendly

Before Amelie was born, I asked friends with three children what it was like being outnumbered by kids. One of the first things that came up was holidays. From the costs and logistics right through to being able to keep an eye on all of them when they’re inevitably running off in different directions. Of course, holidays should be about relaxing, so we need somewhere relatively contained and with enough room for five.

A waterfront in Menorca.


We’ve never been ones to spend every day on the beach and are much happier exploring our surroundings. It feels like a bit of a wasted trip otherwise. It’s nice to try different food, witness how others do things and listen to the local lingo. I love British people but a holiday is a break from the norm and it’s nice not to hear too much English!

Swimming pool

Having said that beaches aren’t essential, it’s nice to have a dip and the kids love swimming so access to a pool is another definite must. If I’m being extra fussy, a heated one would be welcome as it would allow us to fit in swimming at either end of the day when the sun isn’t at its hottest. And speaking of which…

A swimming pool.


The weather isn’t always important to me – I’ve had some brilliant city breaks in which the sky was grey throughout – but there has to be some sunshine on a summer holiday. It puts everyone in a better mood and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Therefore, we’d be looking to go somewhere with a decent chance of sunshine.

No car necessary

We don’t drive so it’s important that everything is nearby or that there is reliable public transport available. Similarly, I imagine a lot of people who drive may not fancy doing so on holiday. Driving on the other side of the road must take a lot more concentration plus, if they drive every day, they may fancy a week away from cars.

All this points to a self-catering holiday like those available from Villa Plus. Its 2018 holidays are on sale now and tick all of the boxes above.

Those are the ‘must haves’ for our family holiday. What would yours be?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


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