Introducing BIC SHAVE CLUB

For most of us, BIC is synonymous with disposable razors and our first forays into shaving. But, in the same way that fashions change – more on that shortly – products do too.

BIC SHAVE CLUB is a brand new subscription service which allows subscribers to receive fresh blades on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

The introductory kit comprises a top-quality razor and four blade refills. Depending on preference, you can choose from three-blade and five-blade models.

Refill kits are available from £4.50 (three-blade) and £8 (five-blade) per month. Subscriptions to BIC SHAVE CLUB can be paused or cancelled at any time. What’s more, the five-blade kit is currently available for £2.95 for the first month.

Two BIC razors.

To celebrate the launch of the new range, BIC commissioned a survey of 2,000 British men to discover their shaving preferences. There were some interesting findings. Beards have become much more commonplace in the last year or two but one in four of us plan to swap for a clean-shaved look in 2018.

Furthermore, the average British man spends £2.99 a week as well as five minutes, 31 seconds a day styling their facial hair.

Elsewhere, David Beckham was deemed to have the most stylish facial hair while Obi Wan Kenobi was seen as the most memorable.

I don’t know about others but, based on this research, I’m letting the side down! Maybe that’s because I’m not from the West Midlands. It turns out that men spend more time and money on facial grooming there than anywhere else.

Or maybe I’m just not doing enough. I tend to tidy up my beard once a week. This makes me more of an ageing Jedi than a modern-day style icon. Oh dear.

Perhaps I should take some pointers from grooming expert The Chic Geek who BIC has worked with to predict some of the facial hair styles that may be the norm in the future. Check them out in the video above.

A selection of facial hair styles predicted for the future.

The looks in question include one known as the monkey tail – far left in the picture above. I don’t know about that on me, but maybe I’ll try a new look when I lose my winter beard. Whatever I decide, I’ll be using my new BIC SHAVE CLUB kit to achieve the desired appearance.

I have five starter BIC SHAVE CLUB kits to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, please use the Rafflecopter widget below. As always, you can use as many entry methods as you like. Good luck!

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. Emma Jones

    Well if it follows some of the recent eyebrow trends ive been seeing then god knows haha could be braided? (hopefully not!!!)

  2. Jayne Townson

    I think it will be clean shaven. Thanks for this giveaway, this prize would be perfect for my son.

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Seems to be either lots if hair or no hair!!

    Got a feeling a more manicured head and body hair theme will emerge!!

  4. Nikki Hayes

    Hard to say as beards seem pretty fashionable at the moment – the husband currently has a long goatie :o)

  5. Allan Wilson

    I think we’ll be back to smooth. The hipster fad will disappear in a couple of years.

  6. Kev Cannon

    Hopefully it will be clean shaven which looks better – or full beard which will eliminate the need for daily shaving

  7. joanne casey

    I’m hoping clean shaven!! I’m sick of beards, enough already!! Clean shaven all the way!!

  8. sharon stanley

    I am praying for clean shaven. I hate it when my fiance has stubble and even our kids moan lol. I think things will go back to how they were over time with younger teens growing stubble or a moustache because they can then getting rid of it once the shopkeepers stop requesting ID but although beards are in right now if not looked after properly they don’t always look as good as the wearers think they do when they’re patchy or not kept clean. Everytime I see a beard I have to wonder whether or not reminants the wearers last meal is contained somewhere within. Please please please let clean shaven be the next trend.

  9. Sue Jenkins

    i think by next summer we will be back to smart short crops and clean shaven or maybe a tash

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