Helping my boys make the grade with Euronics and Bosch

The Bosch Steam Iron.

Dylan and Xander had a big day recently. They took up karate in September and, after only a few weeks, it was time for their first grading. If they were at all worried about the whole thing, it didn’t show. Kate and I made up for this by being nervous on their behalf.

We were both concerned that they would want to give up if they didn’t make the grade. Learning from failure is important, but we wanted them to get a win under their belts – and, indeed, earn said belts – to start with. With this in mind we took a few different measures to help them prepare.

First things first, I tried harnessing my inner Mr Miyagi. We recently had a new fence put up so I tried to get them to paint it. Unfortunately, rain intervened so that was the end of that. It would have helped with their posture though.

Secondly, I found YouTube videos of the grading level they were due to take and helped them practise the moves. They definitely benefited from this, but I was still worried about something else. Namely appearance.

The Bosch Steam Iron.

It was vital that they looked smart and, fortunately, I had just the thing. Euronics sent me a Bosch Steam Iron to review. With a range of handy features, it promised to be just the job.

In addition, the model name ‘Sensixx’ isn’t a million miles from ‘Sensei’ and, as that’s who the boys had to impress to make the grade, I took that as a good omen!

I must admit that I don’t do much ironing. This is because it can often take a while to get everything smooth. This isn’t an issue with this iron though. It can deliver 50g of steam a minute and also boasts a 200g ‘steam shot’ to deal with the most stubborn creases.

The CeraniumGlissée soleplate of the Bosch Steam Iron available at Euronics.

Another good addition is its nifty CeraniumGlissée soleplate which targets how much steam is needed and where and also to improve glide. There are three areas that help it do this. The front provides a ‘pre steam’, the middle offers a more intensive steam and the back is for drying and smoothing.

I found it very easy to use and was underway quickly. It heated up in no time and made light work of the boys’ karate gear.

The three-metre cord was also useful as we have the world’s smallest ironing board and have to place it on the dining room table. It got round the table and chairs with plenty of slack to spare.

The Bosch Steam Iron in use.

So how did Dylan and Xander do? Well, I’m delighted to report that they both earned their red belts and looked the part in doing so. The Bosch Steam Iron clearly played its part so I’m pleased with it as well as immensely proud of the boys.

The Bosch Steam Iron is available from Euronics for £69.99.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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