Bringing a shot of summer to our home with E.ON

A child enjoying a shot of summer with an indoor picnic.

Although it has been sporadically bright of late, it’s been decidedly cold too! Summer seems like a distant memory now. Indeed, as I type this post, I can’t feel my toes and am wondering whether to invest in some fingerless gloves. Oh dear.

I’m not particularly fond of winter and am not alone in this. Recent statistics show that 60% of us feel happier in summer.

A shell on a picnic mat.

Elsewhere, 72% of us struggle to get out of bed on cold mornings – guilty as charged – while 59% wish it were summer all year round. Sorry, Wizzard, I’m with them too. I wish it could be summer every day.

With all this in mind, the people at E.ON are on a mission to bring a shot of summer to British homes. They challenged me to achieve this by creating a scene reminiscent of the warmer months of the year. Challenge accepted!

A child under a parasol.

I used a handful of items that E.ON sent along with some of our own to bring a shot of summer to Amelie’s lunchtime. I set it up in our bay window. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, it gets the best light in the house. Secondly, there’s a radiator there. Say no more!

She loved donning some of her summer clothes again and seemed to enjoy her picnic, so I think it’s fair to say that it was a success. This was, of course, just a visual representation of summer but there are ways to at least keep warm during winter.

A mini ping pong set.

Getting proper insulation, for example, could keep you cosy and save up to £285 a year. You may even qualify to get it installed for free.

You could also check you’re on the best tariff and use free tools like E.ON See to track your energy usage and change it to save money accordingly.

Other options include getting a Smart Thermostat that enables you to control heating from your phone while your home is empty. I can attest to this as we had one installed earlier this year and it has made a big difference to our bills.

A child's feet next to some sea shells.

You could also replace your boiler with a more efficient one and look into new technology such as E.ON Solar and Storage.

It was fun bringing a shot of summer to the house and a welcome distraction from all the talk about Christmas!

What would you do to bring a shot of summer to your home?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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