Adventure on the high seas with Zak Storm on POP

The characters from Zak Storm on POP.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Just like most kids when they get home from school, Dylan and Xander always make a beeline for the sofa. Well, once they’ve acquired drinks and biscuits and raced each other to the remote control first.

The latest animated series they’ve been enjoying is Zak Storm which can be found on POP. Season One is currently showing with Season Two set to launch later this month. We’ll be tweeting along with tonight’s episode. Why not join us? You can do so by using #ZakStormOnPop from 5pm.

Title character Zak is an ordinary teenager who suddenly finds himself captaining a ship called The Chaos. He gets there after a giant wave transports him from a surfing competition to the mysterious waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

Caramba from Zak Storm.

Zak’s allies include Atlantean princess and first mate, Cece. There’s also an alien called Caramba – pictured above – and my personal favourite, Crogar the viking pirate.

Along with his eclectic band of shipmates and a talking sword called Calabrass – which, by the way, gives him elemental powers – Zak must navigate the seven seas of the infamous triangle trying to find a way back home.

Of course, it’s not all plain sailing. Zak’s arch enemy Skullivar is there to see to that. Along with his right-hand man Golden Bones and crew of skeleton pirates, he aims to thwart Zak and his friends at every turn.

Zak Storm.

The boys love Zak Storm and I can see why. Although she’s a lot younger than the target audience, Amelie seems to enjoy it too.

It’s just the kind of thing I liked at the boys’ age and it has been fun watching it with them too. Think swashbuckling adventure with a futuristic twist.

I also like the fact that, despite being not the most obvious group of heroes, the characters all help each other. So, as well as being an entertaining show, it includes important messages about friendship and embracing diversity.

The POP logo.

Watch the new series of Zak Storm on POP (Freeview 206, Youview 206, Sky 616, Virgin 736, Freesat 603) every weekday from 10am and 4:30pm from 23rd October.

In the meantime, don’t forget to join us for the tweetalong tonight at 5pm!


  1. John Adams

    Great to see a cartoon spreading a positive message like diversity. This isn’t a cartoon my kids have watched but we may take a look! Good work Pop.

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