Review: Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen range

The Pizza Kitchen packaging.

If there’s one food that everyone in our family loves, it’s pizza. There are never any complaints from the kids when we serve it up and we love trying new ones whenever possible. Speaking of which, we’ve just sampled Chicago Town’s brand new range, The Pizza Kitchen.

There are four flavours in The Pizza Kitchen range. Roasted Chicken, Deli Pepperoni, Cheese Medley and Garden Vegetable. All of the pizzas have deli-style toppings as well as a freshly baked deli crisp crust which looked and tasted like tiger bread.

A father and son enjoying pizza.

As there were four pizzas to try, we invited Kate’s side of the family to join us for lunch. This was during half term so things were hectic. As a result, pizza was a great choice. It’s quick and easy to prepare and ready in the freezer when it’s needed.

This, of course, makes it ideal for busy weekday evenings too. Particularly on days when the kids have after-school clubs to attend.

With a good range of flavours to choose from, I was confident there would be something for everyone and so it proved. Perhaps naively – or possibly hopefully – I thought there would be a few slices left.

Three plates of pizza on a table.

No chance! The slices rapidly vanished from the plates in the middle of the table. Pretty soon, there wasn’t as much as a crumb left – the kids even ate the crusts which is quite unusual for them.

Particularly Dylan who can be quite a fussy eater at times. He often asks us to buy tiger bread for family lunches though, so this must have played a part.

Both he and Xander were immediately drawn to the Cheese Medley and Deli Pepperoni pizzas. They kept helping themselves to extra slices so they clearly enjoyed them.

A child eating some pizza.

Kate’s favourite was the Roasted Chicken pizza. I liked all four of the flavours and, although my favourite was probably pepperoni too, I’m going to give a mention to a surprise package. For some reason, I always insist on pizzas that have some kind of meat on them, so very rarely try vegetarian options.

I’m really glad I did though. The Garden Vegetable pizza was really tasty and we’ll definitely be adding it to our shopping list again. To be honest, the same can be said of all the flavours. They were all great and we recommend them.

The ingredients are all of a good quality and combine to make delicious toppings that everyone enjoyed.

A garden vegetable pizza.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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