Review: Scalextric Touring Car Battle set

Two cars from the Scalextric Touring Car Battle set.

Disclosure: I was sent this Scalextric Touring Car Battle set to review and keep.

Even though I’ve never wanted to drive myself, I’ve always wanted a Scalextric set. Well, it may be 30 years later than originally planned but, finally, I’ve got my wish. I’m now the proud co-owner of a Scalextric Touring Car Battle set.

Please note the careful use of the word ‘co-owner’ in the previous sentence. Dylan and Xander have monopolised the set since its arrival. That’s fine by me though. It’s nice to see them enjoying it. As long as they let me have the odd turn here and there!

The box contains a 15V transformer, a lap counter, a Scalextric Powerbase, two wired controllers, track and, of course, two cars. Namely a Honda Civic and a BMW 1 Series. The 484cm track can be constructed into four different layouts. It’s quick and easy to assemble and put away too.

All of a sudden, the front room is reminiscent of the day out I enjoyed at the British Touring Car Championship in Snetterton earlier this year. Albeit minus the whiff of petrol and in 1:32 scale.

The boys have really enjoyed racing their cars and both seem to have quickly got the hang of the controllers. At first, I had to retrieve the cars from under the sofa a fair bit, but this soon stopped. On a related note, the cars are nice and robust and are none the worse for their under-sofa adventures.

There’s something very exciting about witnessing the high-speed action and it was funny watching the boys’ faces as they concentrated on the important business of competing for bragging rights!

Perhaps predictably as he’s fearless, Xander’s favourite thing about the set was the speed of the cars. Once he mastered the important matter of keeping his on the track, it was clearly important to him achieve the maximum speed for every stretch of it.

Dylan likes the fact that the track can be rebuilt to create different challenges. So far, Xander has won one more race than him so I think he’s looking forward to seeing whether different configurations will even the playing field!

My favourite feature remains to be decided as I haven’t had much of a look-in so far. That said, I’m delighted to have finally got my hands on a Scalextric set and am looking forward to assuming the role of competitive dad!

The Scalextric Touring Car Battle Set has an RRP of £99.99.

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