Review: SmarTrike T3 T-Scooter

A toddler riding a SmarTrike T3 T-Scooter.

Amelie is always trying to ‘borrow’ Dylan and Xander’s scooters – a clear sign that she’s ready for one of her own. We recently received a SmarTrike T3 T-Scooter which she has been putting to the test.

The T3 has been designed for children aged two years plus and has two adaptable stages. The configuration that you can see on the pictures here is stage one. This is for younger children while they get used to balancing on it. Once they are confident enough, the two front wheels can be repositioned closer together for stage two.

The scooter is made of good-quality materials and looked nice and sturdy. I like the design too. The footplate is wider at the front and that can only be a good thing to help children build confidence.

As there are only two parts, it took hardly any time at all to assemble. This was just as well as Amelie was clamouring to get on! All I needed to do was push a button on the underside of the footplate and click the handlebars in place. I’ve had problems with this part on other scooters but there were no such challenges here. It has stayed firmly in position with no movement.

It was soon time to take it for a spin. Although, for the most part, Amelie placed both feet on the footplate and asked to be pushed, she soon began to use it properly. Surely a good sign.

She looked very at home on it as well. The footplate and handles have rubberised grips which helped her stay both comfortable and in situ. The wide positioning of the front wheels was also helpful here.

Another useful design feature is the T-Lock system. When the T logo at the front of the scooter is turned to the right, the handlebars stay locked upright. When it’s turned to the left, they can be tilted to enable freestyle riding for older children.

Finally, there’s an easy-to-reach brake at the back of the footplate. Obviously, Amelie is very much a beginner so she won’t be using either it or the tilted handlebar feature just yet, but they will come in useful.

Amelie is an adventurous and determined little girl so the T3 will get plenty of use. It’s a scooter that she can grow up with and I’m confident that it’ll stand the test of time. She’ll be performing stunts before I know it!

The SmarTrike T3 T-Scooter has an RRP of £49.99.

Disclosure: we received a scooter to review and keep.


  1. Lewis brown

    We have this scooter for my son also, it came with the seat but I found that this was useless and was too small for him, it came straight off and was used as a normal scooter.

    The best feature is what what John pointed out was the wheels and they can be locked or unlocked for wheel movement.

    nice review 🙂

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