Cooking up a healthy treat with Little Cooks Co

Two boys with a plate of chocolate brownies.

Now that the boys are back at school a familiar routine has returned. As soon as they’ve kicked off their shoes and dropped their bags and coats, they head for the kitchen. It’s obvious what they’re after, of course. While they need a snack, it’s important to us that it’s healthy and that’s where Little Cooks Co comes in.

Founded by mums Kate Veale and Helen Burgess, Little Cooks Co is a subscription service that helps children try their hands at cooking simple snacks. Each box contains a healthy recipe, all the necessary dry ingredients – all of which are natural and organic – and an extra recipe for a family-friendly meal.

I decided it would be good to have a go at the gooey chocolate brownie. There were two reasons for this. First of all, the boys will eat anything with chocolate in it. Secondly – and more importantly – there’s a surprising ingredient that makes them more healthy. Sweet potato!

There was some initial preparation that I needed to carry out first. Namely peeling, chopping and steaming the sweet potatoes and soaking the dates in boiling water. After that, it was all down to Dylan and Xander.

The recipe was easy to follow and they were soon underway. They enjoyed using the blender to get the sweet potatoes and dates to the right consistency – under my supervision, of course.

Shortly afterwards, they added the other ingredients and were happily mixing it all together. There were only a couple of instances of ballistic brownie mix, so I think they did well!

Then it was a matter of putting it on a baking tray, popping it in the oven and waiting. At this point, they mysteriously disappeared at the mention of help with the washing up.

They reappeared when it was time for the business end of things, however. What a surprise! As we all know, the taste test is the most important as far as kids are concerned.

After a little reluctance from the boys who knew that there was something healthy in their handiwork they ate a brownie each without leaving any. Amelie, meanwhile, devoured hers mercilessly and asked for more!

It was great seeing them try something new and the recipe was just right for their level. It was nice seeing smiles on their faces and they seemed pleased with themselves, so it was obviously good for confidence too.

Finally, it resulted in a healthy, tasty snack and that can’t be bad.

Little Cooks Co subscriptions start at £7.99 a month.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


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