Travelling light with the Graco Featherweight stroller

A father pushing his daughter in a Graco Featherweight stroller.

Amelie seems to be getting bigger and heavier by the day so a lighter pushchair was high on my wishlist. With impeccable timing, I was offered the chance to test the Graco Featherweight stroller. I love it when a plan comes together!

Looking at its specs, the advantages are immediately obvious. It weighs just 3.6 kilograms, boasts a one-hand fold system and comes with a shoulder strap. In addition, the seat offers a lie-flat recline position while its detachable pad is machine washable.

To mark the launch of the Featherweight, Graco carried out some research. This looked into the average daily routine of parents compared with office workers. I’m particularly interested in the findings as I’m something of a hybrid of the two.

A father and daughter walking hand in hand. The father is carrying a Graco Featherweight stroller on one shoulder.

I’ve worked from home since before Amelie was born. Although a fair chunk of my day is spent at my desk, I’m much more active than I was in my previous job. Playing with Amelie during breaks and doing one of the school runs with her brothers each day accounts for that.

The research found that new parents spend an average of almost eight hours on the feet each day. Meanwhile, their desk-bound counterparts only manage five.

Furthermore, parents carry around a daily average of 17.5kg – including their little ones, of course – compared with 5kg for those who spend their days in offices.

So parenting seems to be good for fitness. It’s not without its challenges, of course. Unsurprisingly, sleep is cited as one of the biggest with 52.2% of new parents not getting enough kip.

The handle of the Graco Featherweight stroller showing the one-hand fold mechanism.

I’m surprised this was beaten by keeping up with chores which came in at 53.8%. While important, I think it’s okay to put things like cleaning to one side in the early days!

Graco has worked with life coach Tanith Carey to show how busy parents can make the most of their days. The life hacks include suggestions such as ditching bulky bags, using apps to know exactly when the bus is due and choosing a lightweight stroller.

Other advice includes grouping errands and snapping a photo of the contents of your fridge to avoid buying and carrying heavy items unnecessarily.

A toddler sitting in the Graco Featherweight stroller.

To bring these tips to life, I was asked to record an average day before and after following Tanith’s advice. As it happens, I didn’t actually need to change anything! I already do everything she suggests with the exception of grouping errands.

As Amelie is a little older and I’m starting to get more sleep, I’m always keen to spread things out to get more steps in to counteract time spent at my desk. The Graco Featherweight stroller has definitely helped here.

Before and after screenshots of a Fitbit dashboard.

As it’s so light, it takes less energy to push around and I’ve been getting more steps in as a result. I followed the same weekly routine with Amelie’s old pushchair one week and with the new stroller the week after. As you can see from the before and after images from my Fitbit dashboard, my steps increased. I got more sleep too, which is always a result!

The Graco Featherweight is well suited to our needs – especially as Amelie spends a fair amount of time on her feet while we’re out and about. She seems comfortable in it, it’s well designed and easy to carry while not in use.

The Graco Featherweight has an RRP of £150.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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