A day out at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

A toddler on the beach at Birling Gap.

We didn’t manage as many days out as we hoped during the summer holidays. With that in mind, we’re determined to go on a few more before the end of the year. Starting as we mean to go on, we headed for Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters at the weekend.

Although it’s fairly close to where we live, I hadn’t been there in around 20 years. A crime, I know. I always loved visiting as a kid and was really looking forward to seeing how it had changed.

Two little boys stood either side of a sign for Birling Gap.

Now a National Trust attraction, Birling Gap offers stunning views of the East Sussex coast and the surrounding countryside. As we don’t drive, we took a bus from Eastbourne. There were beautiful views along the way and this added to the feeling of going on an adventure.

Upon arrival we headed straight for the café. Inevitably, the kids were hungry! The outside of the building was exactly as I remembered it but the inside had been transformed.

A toastie on a plate.

What I remembered as a cosy but relatively enclosed pub and games room is now said café as well as a gift shop. It’s a much better use of space and we had a lovely view of the sea from our table.

The food – which is all locally sourced – was delicious. Kate had a jacket potato, I chose a ham and smoked cheese toastie and the kids had lunch bags. The cardboard bags doubled up as educational activity sheets which I think is a great idea.

A child's lunch bag with educational activities printed on it.

With lunch finished, we headed down the nearby steps to Birling Gap beach itself. We needed to fold and carry Amelie’s pushchair, but this was no problem. The beach was just as I remembered it. Dylan, Xander and Amelie loved running around on the sand and pebbles.

Of course, they all went off in different directions so it kept us on our toes too!

Three children running around on Birling Gap beach.

It was great to watch them getting exercise and fresh air and in such a beautiful location too. Seeing them enjoy themselves reminded me of my own childhood visits so it brought back plenty of happy memories.

As well as burning off some of their apparently massive reserves of energy, they slowed down to have a closer look at their surroundings.

A child holding a fossil.

Dylan was determined to find a fossil and, sure enough, he found something. I’m not sure whether it was one or not, but it was great to see him fascinated by his find.

Amelie, meanwhile, was on a mission to collect every stone and throw it into the sea!

A father and two children looking at rockpools.

Xander absolutely loves nature so it was no surprise that he was drawn to the rock pools. He spent quite a while looking for crabs, but didn’t find any this time. Maybe Amelie scared them off!

We all had a fantastic day out. Birling Gap is a brilliant family-friendly location and we’ll definitely be returning – hopefully in fewer than 20 years though!

A father and his three children on the beach at Birling Gap.

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