A return to routine

Two boys stood in front of an interior door.

I never used to enjoy going back to work after holidays, but am raring to go this year. Well, sort of. Although we haven’t been anywhere and I’ve actually been working all summer, it hasn’t really felt like it.

In truth, I’m anything but energised at the moment. But that doesn’t affect the desire to get on with things. There’s much to be said for a return to routine!

Working from home is always challenging. So it has proved during the summer holidays. That’s not a slight on the kids. It’s just that keeping everything ticking along and everyone happy for six weeks is a juggling act that most Hindu gods would struggle with.

We managed to spend a fair bit of time together as a family. We went on a handful of days out too, but not as many as we’d have liked. By the same token, I’ve just about stayed on top of work, but haven’t achieved everything I wanted to.

Today, however, the boys went back to school. I’m hoping this will be a turning point. We all thrive on routine and they were both ready to go back.

Their back-to-school photo this morning wasn’t in keeping with previous years though. Dylan needed to wear old clothes for an outdoor activity while Xander had to dress up as something space related.

The former was easy enough, but I was a little concerned about the latter. The boys’ school has a Buzz Lightyear toy as its mascot thanks to his penchant for going to infinity and beyond.

We have a Buzz Lightyear costume, so the opportunity to score points on day one was in easy reach. We also have a Darth Vader costume. I think it’s fair to say that he basically represents the antithesis of what Woody’s pal does. Xander chose to be said Sith Lord, of course.

It made us laugh so we let him have his way. Even so, we weren’t 100% sure his choice would be well received. It did seem a little flippant. We got a smile and wave from his new teacher at the end of the day though, so I think we got away with it.

So the day wasn’t an obvious return to routine but signs of normality were there. Dylan lost his hat, Xander lost Darth Vader’s cape and it rained for both drop off and pick up.

We’re back.


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