Month: August 2017

My top five panic buys

A cash machine with the words "my top five panic buys" displayed on the screen.

I’m generally very good at spending money wisely. That said, I end up buying something truly random every now and then. A certain purchase last night is a case in point. There was some leftover roast chicken in the fridge after lunch with Kate’s side of the family. We fancied some sandwiches with a couple of …

Down the rabbit hole

A rabbit in a meadow.

Amelie’s speech is developing at an amazing rate at the moment. All of a sudden, she’s coming out with new words, phrases and even short sentences. We’ve witnessed the word explosion phase twice before with Dylan and Xander so we shouldn’t be surprised but, somehow, we are. I think this is because there’s still a …

My top ten parenting fails

A man in a facepalm pose with the words "My top ten parenting fails" superimposed.

I returned to the scene I associate with my first big parenting faux pas recently. Fortunately, there was no repeat of what happened but the place still makes me wince. Since then, I’ve notched up plenty of parenting fails. Starting with that first one – and in no particular order as they’re all bad – …