Creating the ultimate open sandwich with Iceland’s Luxury Bakery range

The ultimate open sandwich on a plate and tray.

With the school summer holidays mere days away, I’m looking forward to a slower pace. First things first, I’m switching off the alarm. No school run means no need to get up as early. I love being my own boss!

With this in mind, I’m hoping for a few lie ins and maybe even the odd brunch in bed. Okay, it’s not likely with three kids around, but you never know.

This month, Iceland challenged me to create a brunch using its brand new bakery range. Its bread is prepared by skilled bakers using traditional methods.

Shelves of bread in a supermarket.

This includes a 16-hour slow bake as opposed to a four-hour bake that others use. It’s also delivered fresh on a daily basis. It wasn’t hard to spot in my local store either – there was a large, dedicated display full of appetising new products.

I decided to make an open sandwich. Not just any open sandwich though, oh no. I made the ultimate open sandwich!

A slice of bread.

As I planned on putting a lot into my sandwich, I chose the 800g Luxury Sourdough White Batch loaf. The bread looked and smelled delicious.

It proved to be of excellent quality and flavour too, so I was confident it would go well with the other ingredients. It only cost £1 for a loaf too, which I think is very reasonable.

The ultimate open sandwich - a tasty brunch idea.

Back to the ingredients, I chose Outdoor Bred Pork premium sausages, Outdoor Bred Dry Cured Unsmoked back bacon rashers and a large egg for my ultimate open sandwich. Plus some fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes for good measure.

I also got some hash browns as a side dish. Not an obvious accompaniment to a sandwich, admittedly, but they’re synonymous with brunch as far as I’m concerned.

A detail of the ultimate open sandwich.

I’m very particular about how an open sandwich should be prepared. The sausages and egg go on one slice while the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes belong on the other. I added a bit of cracked black pepper too. Very nice indeed.

All of the the ingredients were tasty and combined well. I very much enjoyed my ultimate open sandwich and am looking forward to a few more over the course of the summer.

Discolsure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    That, Tom, is possibly one of the world’s most amazing sandwiches. Love it and I will have to try the sourdough bread. Not sure I’ve ever eaten it before.

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