Brace yourselves, summer is coming

A homemade LEGO model of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones.

With the school holidays imminent, summer is coming. As a result, I’ve been fretting about a few things. As well as concerns about keeping the kids entertained without breaking the bank, there’s the uncertainty of the group dynamic among them.

We live in a small house and there are three of them. They’re all a year older than last time they spent this much uninterrupted time together. It’s inevitable that tempers will flare now and then.

Dylan and Xander are used to the routine of school days. Amelie, meanwhile, is well accustomed to having the run of the house. Until recently, she could do no wrong as far as her brothers were concerned. Just in time for the holidays, though, she’s developed a habit that really annoys them. Nicking their toys!

Every morning without fail, she half inches Xander’s favourite teddy bear. Sometimes she’ll cuddle it warmly. Even Xander thinks this is cute, so that’s not too much of a problem. On other occasions, however, she throws it down the stairs. At least she keeps us on our toes though.

She also enjoys removing and hiding the lids from felt tips. That and pouring water from her sippy cup in their pants drawers.

Then there are the smaller things. Despite being beyond the ‘trying to eat everything’ stage, she has retained the fascination with testing it to destruction. And that’s a problem. Toddlers have the same effect on LEGO as Yoko Ono had on The Beatles.

Amelie seems to relish proving this statement to be true. The moment both boys leave their room, she’s in there. She takes the models apart with ruthless efficiency, scattering the pieces everywhere.

It’s not just the playsets though. Oh no. She targets the mini figures as well. Dylan got loads of LEGO Batman sets for his birthday recently. An abandoned play scene in the boys’ room doesn’t resemble favourite moments from the film though.

They’re much more reminiscent of Game of Thrones. I hope she hasn’t somehow deciphered the pin number on our remote control…

I found myself trying to give her the benefit of the doubt the other day. “Maybe she doesn’t realise she’s annoying them,” I thought. Then I caught her red handed.

She was stood in their room holding a LEGO Batmobile. She was also looking at the door. The moment I walked in, she did the toddler equivalent of putting in on bricks and nicking its wheels. The little madam was waiting for an audience!

Going back to the Game of Thrones comparison though, I’ve had an idea. Maybe I could construct a huge wall out of LEGO bricks to keep her out. Summer is coming, we know what’s coming with it…


  1. Gareth Torrance

    Oh man! I can only imagine what it must be like within your house when she takes the toys and pulls them apart! That photo of the Lego people looks like a recreation of the Red Wedding!

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