Seven years old already!

A series of pictures of the same child year after year.

Somehow or other, Dylan is seven years old already. How has that happened? Yes, I find myself saying words to this effect every year but the time really has whizzed by. It doesn’t seem like long ago at all since the day he was born – even though it was bloody ages ago!

Despite seven years of sleep deprivation – including Xander and Amelie’s efforts – I remember every detail. From the second Kate went into the business end of a three-day labour right through to when I held him for the first time. I also recall the moment all my thoughts and feelings caught up with me, literally stopping me in my stride.

Back to the present day now. Dylan has grown up a lot recently. Being summer born, he is ten months younger than some of his classmates. With two younger siblings too, it is perhaps inevitable that he had a more immature demeanour than some of his peers. There have been noticeable changes of late though.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, he is already embracing the stroppy sevens but there is a calmer side emerging as well. He seems a lot more willing to share things with Xander than he was a few weeks ago.

He’s a lot more amenable to change too – this is a good thing as his class spent today with their new teacher for next year!

I was also impressed at how he conducted himself at his birthday party at the weekend. We went bowling with a group of his friends and I thought he may get a bit silly. He was cool though.

I also worried beforehand that he may convince himself he couldn’t bowl if he didn’t get decent scores from his first couple of turns. Again, this was unfounded. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

There’s no two ways about it; our little boy is growing up quickly. Even though I’m still miffed that I’m ‘Dad’ instead of ‘Daddy’ now, it’s great to see him growing in confidence.

Happy Birthday, Dylan. You not-so-little legend!

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