Easy barbecue salmon and couscous parcels with Bacofoil

Easy barbecue salmon and couscous parcels with Bacofoil.

I love a barbecue but it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of cooking the same things every time. Sausages, burgers and chicken are great but variety, as they say, is the spice of life. It’s good, then, to try something new once in a while. Yesterday, for example, we tried some salmon and couscous parcels.

This is one of three new recipes by Bacofoil and TV chef Dean Edwards. The others, for the record, are Greek Quesadillas and Indian spiced ribs with sticky ginger glaze.

As well as the headline ingredients, this dish and dressing includes cherry tomatoes, lemon, olives and capers among other things. You can find the full list of ingredients and recipe on the Bacofoil site.

The recipe is easy to follow and only takes around 20 minutes to prepare. As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, I’m not the most confident of cooks but this was a doddle. First things first, I made the couscous, covered it and left if for five minutes. In the meantime, I placed the salmon on a large piece of Bacofoil Original Foil.

Once the couscous was ready, I spooned it onto the salmon, drizzled on some olive oil and sealed the parcel. All that remained was to place it on the barbecue. There it stayed with the hood down for around a quarter of an hour. While it cooked, I quickly made the dressing.

Once the salmon was ready, I opened up the parcel. It smelt amazing! I spooned on the dressing and that was that. Job done.

The recipe feeds four people. In fact, it fed six of us. To my surprise, Dylan and Xander both wanted to try some too. We had cooked some sausages for them just in case, but needn’t have bothered!

While my efforts may not look as good as those on the video above, I’m confident that they matched it for taste.

Thanks to being wrapped in Bacofoil Original Foil, none of the flavours had escaped. It was delicious and there were clean plates all round.

So these salmon and couscous parcels definitely go down as a success. I’m planning on trying my hand at the other two recipes when I get a chance too.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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