A day out at Pevensey Castle

A selection of pictures of Pevensey Castle.

The first week of the summer holidays is over and things have gone well so far. The inevitable sibling squabbles haven’t been too bad and we’ve managed to keep our promises regarding days out. Yesterday, for example, we had a great time at nearby Pevensey Castle.

Here follows a brief history lesson! Pevensey Castle can be found near Eastbourne in East Sussex. It’s home to no fewer than 16 centuries of history. It started life as a Roman fort. Impressively, three of its four walls are still in situ.

One of three surviving Roman walls at Pevensey Castle in East Sussex.

Since then, the site has been home to plenty of different occupants. The Normans arrived in 1066, refortifying the walls and constructing the castle itself.

After being abandoned during the early 16th century, it was used to defend England twice more. First in response to the threat of the Spanish Armada, then during the second world war.

It has been besieged four times, but never captured by force. Come the zombie apocalypse, I’m moving in.

The interior of Pevensey Castle in East Sussex.

Despite its close proximity, I hadn’t been there since I was a little older than Dylan is now, so I was looking forward to going back.

It was great seeing the boys’ reactions when we reached its outer walls. They were as excited to be there as I was!

Two boys looking at historical artefacts.

We enjoyed walking around the grounds finding out about the different eras and inhabitants it had seen. I say ‘walking’; Dylan and Xander did quite a lot of running.

A family sitting on a wall at Pevensey Castle.

With education and exercise ticked off the list, there was time for a picnic followed by some essential re-enactment and messing about.

Dylan picked off a few enemies from the North Tower…

A young boy pretending to fire arrows from a Norman castle.

Xander rolled down a few hills…

A young boy rolling down a hill.

Then they both tried their hands at being Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Taunting Frenchman.

Two young boys peering over a castle wall.

It was great seeing them enjoy themselves so much without a screen in sight. I think they enjoyed learning about the castle’s rich history too and that will undoubtedly help with future history projects at school. I’m not sure what Amelie made of it all, but there were no complaints so I’m taking that as a good sign!

Having said there were no screens, I did introduce my phone after we’d been round the castle. This was purely to do a bit of geocaching while we were there. We actually found two of the things too. Huzzah!

Most of all, it was lovely spending time together as a family after the last hectic few weeks of the summer term. A good time was had by all and we’re looking forward to some more trips to attractions like Pevensey Castle during the next few weeks.


  1. Elizabeth

    Tom, from your pictures, looks like a great day out. It’s so nice that we have so many castles dotted around the country to explore and make a nice day out.

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