Is my daughter a magpie?

A magpie in a tree.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my belief that Amelie could be a Mogwai. The jury is still out on that one. Mainly because she has started demonstrating behaviour consistent with something that sounds similar. A magpie.

Metal objects have started to go missing lately. The first thing to vanish was my Batman multitool. It’s a particularly useful gadget as it has a small screwdriver that’s just right for fiddly battery compartments.

Maybe Amelie put two and two together and assumed I was going to use it to silence one of her noisier toys. Perhaps she literally took a shine to it. Either way, it’s gone from my desk and is nowhere to be found.

Then Kate’s keys disappeared. Although she sometimes puts them down in different places, Amelie has previous for nicking them. Particularly recently. As it’s much more politic to blame a toddler who doesn’t really understand, I’m pointing the finger at her for this too.

I’ve also caught her trying to take one of Kate’s necklaces and my Xbox controller which has a reflective button on it.

She must be hiding things somewhere, but so far we’re at a loss. That said, we did find one cache at the weekend. The washing machine. A pair of tweezers that she had pinched – see what I did there? – resurfaced in an almost-clean load of washing.

Once we’d removed the worst of the rust from the wet clothes, we thought it wise to investigate further. Just as well we did. We found a teaspoon in the detergent drawer as well. Fortunately, there was no repeat of the Postman Pat fridge magnet shenanigans of 2013.

In further support of her magpie credentials, Amelie enjoys making raucous cackling noises. She’s also becoming quite territorial and isn’t the cat’s best friend as a result. She sometimes hops around the living room in the same way that the thieving birds do too.

I doubt I’ll ever prove this latest theory. Or, indeed, that I’ll find any of our missing shiny things. However, if Newcastle United who take their nickname from said birds steal any points from Spurs on the opening day of the season next month, I’m blaming her!

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