Haier Fresher Diaries: multi door fridge freezer review

Various images of the Haier multi door fridge freezer.

I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Haier Fresher Diaries campaign. Last week I found out how I could save £140 a year on food. This week I’ve been putting that advice into practise. With the aid of a Haier Multi Door Fridge Freezer. Oh yes.

To say I was looking forward to reviewing it would be a bit of an understatement. It actually acted as the spur I needed to get some overdue work done on the kitchen! Moving things around a little created a little extra space to make room for the bigger appliance we needed.

With five of us in the house, our old one often struggled to accommodate everything. With a capacity of 426 litres, this beast of a fridge freezer is just the job.

So it’s easily bigger, but is it better too? Very much so. There are several useful features that will help keep my food fresh for longer and save money as a result.

I particularly like the Fresher Tech Solutions. In some models, these include sensors which detect where cool air is needed. For example, if you remove something from the fridge and replace it a short while later, they will detect warmer patches and send cooler air to it. There is also UV lighting to eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria.

Another nifty feature is the incredibly versatile My Zone. This is a section at the bottom of the fridge which can be used at a variable temperature. With a range that goes from -3° C to +2°C it can be used as a freezer or to keep foods at their ideal temperature.

At the moment, we’re using it for fruit and veg. As it’s significantly bigger than our old fridge, there’s room for everything so there shouldn’t be a repeat of the sad fate of my strawberries!

The My Zone section can be controlled using an LED display on the right-hand door. I like this design element too. It gives an at-a-glance summary of the temperatures of the fridge and freezer as well as the mode said compartment is set to.

I also really like the simplicity of the freezer. Instead of having both doors and drawers there are just the latter. They’re nice and capacious and save time. In turn, this stops warmer air getting to other items and that can only be a good thing.

I’m very happy with my new fridge freezer. It’s a well designed and efficient appliance which will serve us well. Size wise, it’s ideal for our family – especially now we store our bread in the cupboard too!

From what I’ve seen so far, its innovative features have made our food stay in top condition for longer. As will the expert advice I received from Helen White at Love Food Hate Waste. This will also save us money, of course, so this another major plus.

The Haier multi door fridge freezer has an RRP of £609. Why not follow Haier UK‘s Facebook page?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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