Finding Snackspiration with The Super Yummies

A happy toddler with her lunch arranged into the face of a rabbit. A true moment of snackspiration!

This is an advertorial post.

Toddlers can be fussy little things – particularly when it comes to eating. Amelie is no exception. She knows what she likes and will devour certain things mercilessly, but new foods can sometimes be a challenge.

I think this is because, like a lot of children her age, she is a very visual eater. It doesn’t matter whether something new smells nice or if others are happily munching away; it all seems to hinge on its appearance.

Watching her with a new snack can be like awaiting the decision of a Roman emperor in the Colosseum. She sits in her high chair for what feels like an eternity before either wolfing it down or scrunching up her face.

That’s where The Super Yummies and the Snackspiration campaign comes in! It aims to provide parents with ideas to get little ones enthused about snack times. This is the first of two posts. Later in the week I’ll share some ideas that use The Super Yummies’ brand new Dairy Pots.

In the meantime, here are some that involve The Super Yummies range of breadsticks. These come in two flavours; Pumpkin & Rosemary and Tomato & Herb. I thought it would be fun to make one snack as part of each meal of the day.

Developed with nutritionists and parents, they’re suitable from 12 months of age. They provide a source of fibre and contain no added salt. They’re also a manageable size for little fingers, so are suitable all round.

Breakfast is seen as the most important meal of the day, so let’s start with some snackspiration there. Amelie loves scrambled eggs and toast, but often struggles to finish the latter. The breadsticks, therefore, make excellent substitutes.

Amelie is fascinated by rabbits so I decided to make a bunny face for lunch using a variety of finger foods with the Pumpkin & Rosemary breadsticks. She loved dipping them, and the pieces of cheese, carrot, cucumber and olives in the houmous. My creation soon resembled a Picasso, but it was another success!

As part of an evening meal, it struck me that the Tomato & Herb breadsticks would make good pizza bases. I put three breadsticks next to each other, dolloped on a spoonful of pasata and grated some cheese over them.

I heated them quickly under the grill – just for long enough for the cheese to melt. While they cooled down, I added a few herbs. Again, she liked it. She’s always trying to steal my pizza, so I was quietly confident that she would.

Who knew breadsticks could be so versatile? I’ll be back later in the week with some snackspiration involving Dairy Pots!

The Super Yummies Dairy Pots are available only at Morrisons.


  1. Alan

    Even though my kids have grown up (they’re only 6 and 9), I keep walking down the children’s food aisles at the supermarkets. Occasionally joking about getting my youngest favourite packet of blended food.
    On the flip side these actually don’t look that bad. I’d be tempted to try them myself! At least I’d know I’d be getting some vitamins in my day.

  2. John Adams

    My kids aer a bit old for this kind of thing now but I would certainly have tried them out. My suggest to my brothers as they’ve both just become dads.

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