Win 50 must-see movies for kids!

A lightbox with some DVDs and popcorn.

We love watching films as a family. Most weekends we sit down together in front of a suitable movie. Of course, there are varying degrees of success but, for the most part, we see them in their entirety without sibling arguments or one of the kids wandering off.

I especially enjoy sharing titles that I loved as a child. Particularly when they seem to like them as much as I do! Watching their faces brings something back and I think this demonstrates the power film has to capture young imaginations. And that takes us to the point of this post.

Educational film charity, Into Film, has today published a list of 50 must-see movies to watch before the age of 11. Divided into five themes, the list is packed with family-friendly features.

Among them are some titles you would expect to see including the likes of Frozen and Toy Story. There’s also a strong contingent of films based on Roald Dahl books which is very pleasing.

The films were chosen alongside industry experts. Those that made the list were selected for their ‘timeless factor’, life lessons and diversity, making them must-sees for children to help develop their understanding of the wider world.

50 must-see movies for kids.

Looking through the list, my kids have only seen 15 of the films. It seems we have work to do. Ah well, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Any list like this is going to spark debate among movie buffs. I, for one, was disappointed that neither Time Bandits nor Labyrinth made the final cut. On the flip side, I’ve never seen what all the fuss surrounding The Princess Bride is all about.

I was delighted to see a few of our favourites on there though. These include The Lorax, The Gruffalo, Shrek and Night at the Museum.

This again proves the importance of film. It inspires thought and, therefore, strong opinion from an early age.

Here’s your chance to win ALL 50 of the films on the list on DVD. To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, answer the question below as a comment. You can also use as many of the extra entry methods as you like in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

What would be top of your list of must-see movies for kids?

The guide to the 50 films every child should see before they grow up has been created by film education charity Into Film, in partnership with the UK video industry to launch the ‘Must See Movies Before you Grow Up’ campaign, which will see all 50 films distributed by retailers this summer. To find out more, visit

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  1. jen s morgan

    We all the the toy story movies in our house. It’s great with a kids film when the parents actually can enjoy it too.

  2. Lorna Lyons

    Finding Nemo, Mrs Doubtfire, Batteries Not Included, Flight of the Navigator & the lion king are all favourites in my house

  3. Jodi Hill

    A little princess! Oh I used to love this film. I lost my father when I was 11 & used to fantasize that my dad was still alive somewhere like Anna! I’m yet to watch it with my son because I’ll be a blubbering mess!

  4. Adele Baxter

    Beauty and The Beast would top my list, purely because it was my favourite childhood film, but also I think it promotes a really positive message regarding looking beyond physical beauty and understanding a person for who they are rather than what they look like. I think this is a really powerful and important message for children.

  5. Pia S

    I watched E.T. 23 times when it came out back in early 80’s, my Mum says I was proper obsessed. So would have to go with that one simply for the nostalgia and the story.

  6. Natasha Mairs

    Love Zootropolis and UP, but cant’s believe my all time favourite, Monsters Inc, isn’t on the list

  7. Sophie Marie Cartwright

    Even though we have seen it 100 times, top of our list would have to be Shrek, closely followed by Home Alone!

  8. James McLaughlin

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial one of my all time favourite movies. A must watch for everyone young or old.

  9. Dean Boyle

    Toy story it was great when I was a kid and still stand to to past the test of time for my kids

  10. Jayne K

    The Jungle Book (1967) for the younger children & Nanny McPhee (2005) for slightly older ones

  11. Jo Hutchings

    That’s a really tough question! I think I’d go for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

  12. Sarah Revill

    Ballerina, such a stunning movie for kids, not sure who liked it more, me or my daughters.

  13. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Loved the Paddington cartoons when I was younger and the newer film is brilliant, so that would be my pick.

  14. Emma Penko

    Got to be Mary Poppins! Was a big favourite of mine and is now one of my children’s favourites too.

  15. Theresa Alison

    Matilda such a lovely film and has it’s funny moments too. what’s not to love about it 🙂

  16. emma louise

    Home alone ,, We often watch the box set as a family and never get bored of watching the same thing.

  17. Claudia Carroll

    I think Mary Poppins is such a lovely film for both girls and boys. Both my 2 boys 2 and 6 were captivated by it!

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