Review: Terrapin phone cover

I never cease to amaze myself with my propensity to forget to do small but important things. Getting a case for my phone is a case in point. I’ve had mine for at least two years without taking action.

As a result, it has a few cracks and scratches. Something needed doing before any of them got any worse. Particularly as Amelie has taken a shine to my phone!

As luck would have it, Terrapin got in touch with me recently. Would I be interested in reviewing one of its covers. Erm, yes please!

The Terrapin Sony XPERIA Z3 cover.

I was already impressed before my new cover was even sent to me. This is because I consider my phone – a Sony XPERIA Z3 – as rather old. I didn’t expect a case to be available for it. Terrapin has made some of its older cases available on Amazon. A great idea for people like me who haven’t upgraded in a while.

It arrived a day or two later. First impressions count for a lot and I was pleased with what I saw when I opened the packaging.

The Terrapin Sony XPERIA Z3 cover.

The cover is made from good-quality materials that look well equipped to keep my phone safe. The inner shell is made from a strong, rubberised material. The outside of the cover is made of synthetic leather, while the material on the inside is soft to protect the screen. All of the stitching is neat too, so I couldn’t find fault.

The most important thing, of course, was getting my phone in it. It was easy to put in place and fits perfectly. There isn’t a hint of movement so it passed that test with flying colours. The positioning of the holes for access to all of my phone’s functions is spot on too.

The Terrapin Sony XPERIA Z3 cover in a standing position.

There are some other useful design features. The cover can fold into a horizontal standing position, making it useful for services like Skype or preventing toddler tantrums with videos while out and about. It also has a magnetic closure flap and slots for bank cards.

All in all, it’s a well designed and manufactured cover. I’m happy that it will prevent my phone from suffering damage and it looks good as well.

The inside of the Terrapin Sony XPERIA Z3 cover showing card slots.

This review is based on the Sony XPERIA Z3 cover. If you’re more up to date than me, however, Terrapin has a wide range available for all major makes and models.

Based on my experience of this cover, I’m confident that they will be up to the same high standard.

Disclosure: I was provided with a phone cover and compensated for my time producing this review, however these are my honest opinions.

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