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It has been a few weeks since I started the Haier Fresher Diaries challenge. In my first post, I demonstrated how I store the weekly shopping in the fridge. In my second, I looked at how things had gone over the course of a week to see if I had to throw away any food and how much I was wasting.

Haier teamed up with the experts at Love Food Hate Waste to look at my diaries. The aim was to provide hints and tips on how I can keep food fresher for longer and avoid waste. Now comes the daunting part. Expert feedback!

Since the completion of my second diary, Helen White from Love Food Hate Waste has rigorously gone through my blog posts, images and videos. I genuinely had no idea what she would come back with so was nervous when the following video arrived in my inbox. Here goes…

Phew! I didn’t do too badly. That’s a relief. As I suspected beforehand though, there’s room for improvement. It’s great to know that I could save up to £140 a year by making a few simple changes to how I store food.

Some of the stats in the video were eye opening too. I couldn’t believe that 24 million slices of bread and 1.5 million sausages go to waste every day. That’s a lot of lost breakfast sandwiches! Similarly, 290,000 tonnes of milk are poured down sinks every year.

These stats are awful so, even though I haven’t done too badly, I want to avoid contributing to this waste. Luckily for me, Helen also suggested some great hacks that I’ve been trying since.

A small pot of houmous.

I had a feeling that I was wrong to store bread in the fridge and so it proved. We tend to demolish it before it has a chance to go stale but have probably not been enjoying it at its best. Removing it from the fridge has freed up an entire shelf and it does taste better at room temperature.

A loaf of bread alongside some other items in a food cupboard.

The suggestion regarding milk was another good one. It had never occurred to me to freeze it in ice cube trays. We rarely run out but when we do it always coincides with breakfast, so keeping some stored like this will save us from going without tea.

An ice cube tray with milk in it.

I always mean to freeze one pack of multi-buy offers but often forget in my haste to put everything away quickly. I’ll take this as the reminder I needed as we have had to throw away mince more than once.

These are all proving to be great suggestions that will make my food last longer and taste fresher for longer too, saving me money as a result. This expert feedback sets things up nicely for my fourth and final post with Haier.

The Haier logo.

I’ll be putting a brand new Haier fridge freezer through its paces next week. In the meantime, why not visit Haier UK on Facebook?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


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