#GetToKnowDad this Father’s Day

Two boys on a sofa talking about how to get to know dad.

Dads are often said to be difficult to buy gifts for. As a result notonthehighstreet.com is on a mission. Namely to help people get to know their dads better and surprise them with thoughtful gifts.

Their Father’s Day gift selection asks online shoppers to get to know dad by considering what kind of dad their old man is. For example, they could be part dad, part rock star. Or part dad, part plant whisperer.

Dylan and Xander were more than happy to talk about me and work out which dad I am. They were asked a series of questions before coming up with an idea for a gift. You can see how they got on in the video below.

I love some of the answers they came out with – even though a fair few were a bit cheeky. I think they did pretty well on the whole.

They know what I do for a living and that I like techie stuff as a result. To be honest, it would surprise me if they didn’t know this. I work from home and write about them so it’s nice that they’re not blissfully oblivious.

Another thing they got right was that they make me laugh and I love spending time with them. Although they jury’s still out on what my favourite holiday is. The one they mentioned is the only family holiday we’ve been on to date. It was lovely and stressful in equal measure!

Elsewhere, they mentioned my affinities with football, pizza and cake. Although I don’t feel that Dylan’s impression of me on that topic is wholly accurate.

It may be true that I am now too old to make it as a professional footballer, but I would like it on record that I don’t find clowns amusing.

One question that didn’t make the final cut was “What’s the coolest thing Dad has ever done?” The reason for its omission was that neither of them could think of anything. Noted. Must do more cool stuff!

A man holding a personalised laptop bag.

Despite my apparent lack of cool credentials, they still seem to think I’m worthy of a gift. They concluded that I’m part dad, part techie.

They thought that something akin to my line of work would be suitable. Not everyone would be happy to receive a gift to do with their job, but mine started out as a hobby so I think they did well.

They suggested, among other things, a laptop bag. I happen to need one so that would be a thoughtful gift that shows they know me. Well done, boys!

Why not #GetToKnowDad yourself and surprise him with the perfect gift this Father’s Day?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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