Dylan the drummer?

A drum kit awaiting a drummer.

Dylan is going to be seven next week. I can’t quite get my head round this myself. As well as disbelieving thoughts about the passing of time, birthday presents have been very much in mind. The lists he has made – for there have been several drafts – have made for interesting reading.

There were a couple of surprises among all the LEGO, Batman and Horrible Histories stuff. First up was a “party whistle”. I assume he means one of those things that makes a noise and unrolls. Done. He can have a pack of the things for mere pennies. Next was something else musical that has thrown me completely. A drum kit.

He has never shown an interest in anything like this before. Indeed, if you’d have told me that one of my kids would want to be a drummer I’d assume you meant Xander. He is basically Animal from The Muppets. I can quite well imagine him smashing out an epic drum solo.

I’m not saying that Dylan wouldn’t be successful. I believe he can achieve anything he puts his mind to and will support him unconditionally. It’s just at odds with his comparatively quieter and less energetic demeanour.

Yes, he may well have inherited my foghorn-like voice, but he is generally calmer and much less exuberant than his younger brother. The rest of the stuff on the list was much more in keeping with what he’s like.

I also want to make sure it’s not a whimsical idea that popped into his head when we pointed out that the list was a tad Batman heavy. We also live in a really small house plus I work from home, so it’s not ideal. It’s noisy enough here as it is!

Then again, it could be a great way of expressing himself. He could do with an extra curricular hobby too and this could be a good fit. And there’s also the fact that Garth in Wayne’s World is a surprisingly good drummer.

The answer, of course, is to get him some lessons and see where it takes him. While it could just be replacing fidget spinners in the ever-changing ‘what’s in at the moment’ stakes, it could lead to big things.

He could move from drummer to frontman of the world’s biggest band and headline at Glastonbury. He could have a highly successful career in a band that paves the way for others of its kind before retiring and describing the antics of anthropomorphic steam trains. As long as he stops short of allegedly divorcing someone by fax, that’ll be fine.

Have your kids ever shown interest in a surprising hobby?


  1. Nige

    Great read mate the drums now that is noisy maybe sound proof the garage, I think my older children had so many fads along the way and then give up. The cost is incredible haha!

  2. Jim Flowers

    I’ve been wanting Harrison to get into an extra curricular activity for a while, not from a pushy parent point of view (obvs) but as a chance to spend a bit of quality saturday morning time together learning something new.

    We’ve tried all the usual sports clubs but he’s not massive on them at the moment and we were going to look at some kind of musical class too so will be interesting to see how Dylan gets on. 🙂

  3. Juan Carlos Rodriguez

    We had a neighbour a few houses down whose son would play the drums, they had a soundproof outhouse at the back of their garden but he would often leave the door and windows open. They moved out and hence forth relaxing in the garden on sunny afternoons are just that, relaxing.

    Saying that, one of my good friends has ‘threatened’ me with drums for my boy, but seeing that his son is slightly older I may just gift a set to him before he can get one for mine…

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