Celebrating #DadMoments with Thomas Cook

Now is the time of year that we can start looking forward to the summer holidays. The final school term is underway and the weather is warming up.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Thomas Cook is running a competition called #DadMoments. People can enter by sharing their favourite holiday moments involving their dads. There’s a £1,000 Thomas Cook gift card up for grabs.

I’m lucky enough to have loads of happy holiday memories involving my old man. Most of my childhood summer holidays were spent visiting France. The south west in particular. This was thanks in no small part to my dad who spent a year in the region in the 1970s as a languages assistant.

It set him on his way to a brilliant career as a linguist, he made lifelong friends and even played in the Coupe de France. As a result of all this, we were warmly welcomed year after year.

I always looked forward to going back. Even though everyone insisted on kissing me on both cheeks which, to a young lad, was the epitome of gross. I remember waiting in the car on more than one occasion while Dad explained to our friends that I was much happier shaking hands!

A father and his children sat on a wall in front of some Roman ruins.

This picture was taken 25 years ago in a small commune called Plassac. Behind us are the remains of a Roman villa and the Gironde estuary.

I loved visiting this site and seeing how much had been excavated since our previous visit. That probably explains my dorky smile! Dad was always happy to take a detour when we were on our way to other nearby places so my sister and I could see it again.

A father and his children in front of a fountain.

The second picture was from the same holiday and was snapped further down the estuary in Bordeaux. In Place des Quinconces, to be precise. We didn’t venture into the city as much as the more rural locations, but always enjoyed going there.

Again we all look happy – even though I’m sporting both a shell suit and a bum bag! The 1990s may have been a bad time for fashion, but I remember our holidays from the time with great fondness.

Three generations of the same family walking in a French street.

With all this in mind, you’ll never guess where we went on our first family holiday! Okay, you probably have. My parents now own a house in the region so it would have been rude not to.

A father and son in a dinghy in a swimming pool.

My sister and her family came along too. As well as quiet days in and around the swimming pool in their garden, we visited some familiar haunts. It’s nice looking at the pictures of then and now side by side.

It was lovely introducing the next generation to an area where we had spent so many happy holidays. All thanks to our Francophile Dad!

A holiday scene with the hashtag #DadMoments superimposed.

Why not share your favourite #DadMoments? You can find full details on the Thomas Cook site.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    What awesome memories and how cool to keep the connection going with your own kids. I’m actually somewhat jealous as these are parts of France I don’t know very well. Great #Dadmoments Tom and great bum bag too (I had one too as it happens).

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