Give a little something #BackToDad this Father’s Day

A selection of Father's Day gifts from Moonpig. #BackToDad

At risk of sounding like the enthusiastic lad in The Fast Show, aren’t dads brilliant? Okay, I may be a little biased being one myself, but there’s so much that they give us. From important life lessons and imparted skills to belly laughs and inherited, ‘endearing’ personality traits.

The people at Moonpig obviously agree with this sentiment. In recognition of everything fantastic father figures do, they’re encouraging people to give a little something #BackToDad this Father’s Day. And why not, eh?

I’ve learned so much from my dad. In fact, I often find myself inadvertently mimicking him. Both in terms of parenting techniques and in other ways.

I’m forever coming out with things he said to me when I was little. Only yesterday, for example, I found myself uttering the phrase “Gently Bentley”. I also seem to have inherited his tendencies to do things at truly random times and not quite properly.

A mug.

The other day, Xander was helping me put up a blind. “Why are you using a hammer instead of a screwdriver, Dad?” he asked. “Erm, it’s because Grandad taught me,” I mumbled. In my defence, this was only to start it off before using the correct tool. The blind has so far stayed in place for five days too!

I’m strangely proud that I have passed this rather shoddy approach to DIY to the next generation. It’s a rite of passage of sorts. I’ve turned out okay by following in my father’s footsteps.

I hope the same will one day be said for my kids. Although I hope they won’t teach their offspring how to play dodgeball just before bedtime. Only an idiot would do that…

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Of course, one way of giving a little something #BackToDad is via the medium of gifts, so enough of my anecdotes.

Two sides of the same mug, which bears the slogan "Dad fuel".

Moonpig may be best known for its cards, but has loads of brilliant gift ideas to choose from too. To showcase what’s on offer, I was sent a selection of them. Most kind!

Now that two out of my three kids drink out of mugs instead of plastic cups, we’re always running out of them. This one is therefore a very welcome addition. It has my name on it too, so there can be no disputing whose it is!

Chocolate fish and chips.

I love chocolate so the next gift was also gratefully received. One of the nation’s favourite meals in chocolate form. And, yes, I shared my chips as is the done thing here.

Then there’s the headline act. A Westwood speaker. It’s lightweight, portable and has a classic design. It also has Bluetooth functionality so can blast music from your smartphone at the volume it’s supposed to be played at. I’ll use it to further educate the kids on the important subject of what good music sounds like.

A Westwood speaker.

To help others give a little something #BackToDad, I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter party at 8pm on Tuesday 13 June. We’ll be chatting about all kinds of things including memorable moments and the lessons we’ve learned from our fathers. And, of course, saying thank you to fantastic dads everywhere.

Join in by using the hashtag and you could win a Westwood speaker like the one above. A great gift for your dad – or yourself. I hope to see you there!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Olga Parker

    I can’t wait to celebrate Father’s Day and to rejoice him with the dinner and surprises I prepared. Thank you for the ideas, Fish and Chips are a great gift too 🙂

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