Dressing the family for under £100 with MandM Direct

A father and daughter wearing clothes from MandM Direct.

It recently dawned on me that we’ve been treating clothing as a hidden expense. We keep a record of how much we spend on bills, food and so on but clothes had somehow slipped under the radar.

Looking through bank statements, it seems we’ve been fairly thrifty but there’s always room for improvement. The perfect opportunity arrived when MandM Direct got in touch with a challenge.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, MandM Direct is challenging dad bloggers to see who can save the most. We each had a budget of £100. I like a challenge and, for some reason, decided to make it even trickier for myself.

I thought it would be nice to get an outfit for each member of the family. As there are five of us, this was going to push my already limited shopping skills to the limit!

Help was at hand though. The MandM Direct site keeps a tally of how much you are saving compared to recommended retail prices. This is a really useful feature and it kept me on my toes. It was also good to know that there’s always up to 75% off too.

As is usually the case, I shopped for the kids first. Both Dylan and Xander had grown out of their shorts so, with summer hopefully on the way, I looked at these first.

I ordered Kangaroo Poo shorts for both of them. There were a few reasons for choosing these including design and price but I have to confess that the name came into the equation too!

To go with these, I got Xander a T-shirt from the same brand and one for Dylan by Converse Kids. To complete their outfits, I chose them each a pair of Mad Wax canvas pumps. Xander needed some goggles for swimming too, so I added a pair by Speedo to the basket.

For Amelie, meanwhile, I chose a Converse Kids jogger and tunic set. I decided against ordering any shoes for her as she grows out of them so quickly, but there were plenty of choices available on the MandM Direct site.

Kate wanted a summer dress and some new shoes and, again, there were loads of options available in the womenswear section. In the end, she went for a navy Onfire dress and a pair of Board Angels knot front shoes.

Last but not least, I chose some items for myself. I tend to wear jeans, T-shirts and hoodies more than anything else so I went straight for these.

After much deliberation, I selected a SoulCal hoodie, a Gotcha T-shirt, some Kangaroo Poo jeans and a pair of Firetrap canvas shoes.

The total order came to £99.36 so I came in just under budget. I was amazed at the final saving I made. A handsome £202.50. I have no idea how the other dads taking part in the challenge have fared, but I’d like too think this is up there.

Getting all of these items for under £100 represents quite a coup, so I’ll be shopping there again!

Disclosure: I was provided with a budget of £100 to spend on clothes at MandM Direct.


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