Haier Fresher Diaries: week one

A man standing in front of an open fridge.

With five mouths to feed in our house, it’s little surprise that our fridge freezer gets plenty of use. I hate wasting things and like to think that we’re pretty good at storing our food accordingly. This semi-confident claim, however, is about to be put to a stern test!

I’ve joined forces with Haier to learn how to get the best out of the food I buy through better storage.

Although relatively new to the UK market, Haier is the global leader when it comes to major household appliances. Looking at some of the tech specs on its website, innovation that solves everyday problems is clearly of great importance to the brand.

This month, it is launching several new lines including its Fresher Tech solutions. Being a bit of a tech geek, I have to say that these are pretty cool in more than one respect!

These come in the form of nifty innovations designed to reduce food waste by keeping it fresh for longer. They include sensors that only send cool air to where it’s needed. There are also filters which eliminate 99.8% of bacteria.

As part of the campaign, I’ll be keeping a diary of what’s going on in my fridge. This will take into account how long things last. I will also record whether there is any waste. The diary will be handed over to a fridge expert and food scientist to examine. They will then provide recommendations.

I hope that the advice I receive will help me keep food fresh for longer. This will further reduce waste and save money as a result. I’m also looking forward to putting this into practise with a new Haier fridge freezer. That will be in a few weeks’ time. First things first, the start of my Haier Fresher Diaries.

To get started, here’s how I store our weekly shop.

We always try to keep within the budget we set ourselves. To make our money go further, we tend to go for multibuy offers on things like meat. While we don’t have a rigid meal plan for the week, we always account for the number of meals with what we buy.

In the seven years we’ve had our fridge, I don’t think we’ve ever adjusted the temperature. It has been stuck at the same setting – two out of five lights illuminated – since June 2010! Similarly, I don’t recall defrosting the freezer either. I imagine there will be some suggestions for improvement here straight away.

Everything has its usual place in our fridge, but I don’t know whether we are using it as effectively as we could. I look forward to finding out!

I’ll be back with another post next week. In the meantime, why not visit Haier UK on Facebook?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Jim Flowers (OneDadOneBlog)

    Bread?! In a fridge?! Interesting Tom.. 😉 I’m also never sure if eggs go in the fridge too as supermarkets sell them from the shelf but always put them in nonetheless.

    Really interested to see how you get on as like you I don’t think I’ve ever changed the temperature on our fridge other than the first week when I froze some stuff as a result :-/

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