Haier Fresher Diaries: week two

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A week has already passed since I started my Haier Fresher Diaries challenge. Since unpacking the groceries last week, I’ve been keeping track of the contents of my fridge. Despite my proud claims before starting the campaign, there has been some wastage. Not too much, but it still annoys me when I have to throw away food.

Here is how things have gone so far.

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Day one

Day one saw the arrival of the weekly shop as detailed in my previous post. There were some items already in the fridge, including some canned drinks (that came with takeaways) that I’m probably never going to have.

I also needed to throw away two leftover hot cross buns from the previous week. They had become rather tough and probably stale. There was a hint of mould on one of them too.

Day two

Everything still looked and smelled fine and I thought I was going to get away without having to bin anything. A tub of houmous had other ideas though! It was starting to look discoloured around the edges so it had to go.

This is often the case with dips in our house – we very rarely get to finish them before they turn.

Some mushrooms.

Day three

I needed to buy more bread and milk as we had run out. We never order enough for a whole week in case it goes off.

The last few mushrooms were starting to look a bit tired and unappetising. They were still okay to use, but probably would have turned if we left them another day. We used them in a curry along with some other vegetables that would also have been a lot less appetising in another couple of days.

Day four

My mother-in-law brought round some buffet-style food for lunch and we put the leftover salad in the fridge. There were a few strawberries left as well so we put them in too in the punnet they came in.

We had spaghetti Bolognese for our evening meal. We used a few rashers of bacon in it as it was nearing its use-by date. We wouldn’t normally have used bacon in this dish so I imagine that this could be seen as wasteful in a way.

A mouldy strawberry.

Day five

Unfortunately, the leftovers from the previous day weren’t in good shape. The salad looked limp and was starting to brown.

Meanwhile, the strawberries had become mouldy overnight despite being well within the date on the packaging.

Day six

A lime that had been in the fridge since the week before was looking a bit tough, shrivelled and discoloured.

We realised late on in the day that we had forgotten to defrost anything for our main meal. As it was Saturday, though, we gave the kids fish, chips and peas from the freezer and ordered a takeaway for ourselves once they were finally asleep!

A bag of mixed peppers.

Day seven

We made it through the week without any strange smells emanating from the fridge, but there had been some wastage and the texture of some food had visibly deteriorated despite still being edible.

We still haven’t used the pack of mixed peppers we bought the previous week. Despite having exceeded the use-by date, they still look fine so maybe we stored them well enough.

What happens next?

All of these findings will now go to Haier’s expert to look at and they will come back with some recommendations. Looking back at the last week, I think I know what a few of these may be. I’m sure there will be more to improve upon than I thought there would be seven days ago!

I’ll be back with these findings next month. In the meantime, why not visit Haier UK on Facebook?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    I look forward to hearing the recommendations. Cleaning out the fridge is certainly a mammoth task so Haier have certainly cornered an interesting market!

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