Growing up fast with SMA® PRO Toddler Milk

A happy toddler.

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I can’t believe that I’ve already had to stop referring to Amelie as a baby. While there is still more than an element of baby about her, she is definitely a member of Team Toddler. She is well over a year old now and ambles around at great speed, in search of opportunities for mischief.

Any area of floor – however small – is fair game for galloping into. Likewise, any furniture she encounters along the way is begging to be climbed or emptied with ruthless efficiency.

Of course, all of this running, climbing and removal activity requires fuel that will help her continue this development. One such product is SMA® PRO Toddler Milk.

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk has several benefits for little ones. First of all, it contains vitamin D and calcium. 2 x 200ml servings of SMA® PRO Toddler milk provides toddlers with 108% of the RI* for vitamin D. These support normal growth and development of bone. It also has iodine – to help support normal growth – and is fortified with iron, which helps support normal cognitive development.

The SMA® PRO Toddler Milk range.

This is all especially important as certain nutrients, such as vitamin D, can be hard to obtain from our diets. Similarly, the Diet and Nutrition Survey of Infants and Young Children (DNSIYC) found that toddlers who drank fortified milks had an increased intake of iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin D.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that helps children get all of these important nutrients can only be a good thing. This allows toddlers to get on with the important business of causing mayhem.

Meanwhile, their tired parents can try to keep up with them safe in the knowledge that they’re running around after normal, healthy little ones!

SMA® Nutrition has just launced a Facebook page, called ‘SMA® Baby Club UK & Ireland‘. There are regular posts to help parents – both mums and dads – navigate their first 1,000 days of parenthood, from conception until their baby turns two.

*Reference Intake (RI) is the amount of vitamins and minerals required per day by young children to help meet their daily nutritional requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.

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