Celebrating Star Wars Month with Hallmark

A selection of Star Wars goodies for Star Wars Month.

Happy Star Wars Day. Or should I say ‘Happy Star Wars Month’? Yes, Star Wars is so well loved that, evidently, one day is just not enough! With a galaxy full of characters from Anakin to Zuckuss as well as numerous films, series, video games and comics behind it who am I to argue?

I have to admit that Dylan and Xander are much bigger fans than I am. Indeed, they ran into our room this morning shouting “Happy Star Wars Day!” with the same level of excitement as they do at Christmas.

A Star Wars card by Hallmark.

Last year I wrote a post about having to pretend to be more interested in Star Wars than I actually was. This was down to the boys’ sheer enthusiasm for everything that takes place in the galaxy far, far away.

The good news is that enthusiasm is a highly infectious thing. A year on, I am much more into Star Wars than I once was. It seems that the force is getting stronger with this one! This just goes to show that we can learn from our kids as well as the other way round.

Star Wars Itty Bittys by Hallmark.

To celebrate Star Wars Month, Hallmark has unveiled a plethora of Star Wars gear for fans new and old alike. As well as a full collection of Itty Bitty characters, the range includes cards, gift wrap and bags.

I like the self deprecating designs of some of the cards – C-3PO’s wardrobe malfunction made me laugh. My personal favourite item though is the Darth Vader champagne case. Why wouldn’t you want to dress up a bottle of fizz as Sith Lord?

Darth Vader champagne case by Hallmark.

The Chewbacca and Yoda pop ups are also very creative. Going back to the earlier Christmas analogy, I can see the boys putting forward a case for one of these to top our tree come December. Look festive, it will.

Happy Star Wars Month one and all. May the 4th to 31st inclusive be with you!

Disclosure: Hallmark gifted us a box full of Star Wars merchandise.

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