Celebrating National Barbecue Month with the #PowerOfFrozen

A selection of food from Iceland for National Barbecue Month.

Hurrah! National Barbecue Month is upon us! Okay, so I may have enjoyed two or three already this year, but I consider these pre-season warm ups.

To get things off to a proper start, we recently had an al fresco family feast of dishes from Iceland’s frozen meats.

We’ve had a busy month so I decided to order online instead of heading into my local store. The shopping experience was the same as usual. I found everything I wanted quickly and easily.

A pork and chorizo burger with halloumi, salad and sun dried tomatoes.

As regular readers will know, I’m a fully fledged convert to the #PowerOfFrozen. It’s convenient and just as tasty as fresh food. It’s also easy to prepare – even with defrosting taken into consideration with some of the dishes I selected.

I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone, so chose a variety. This included some sausages from the brand new Churrasco range. I liked the look of them – they were appetising and seemed easy to cook too, thanks to the skewers.

Iceland Churrasco sausages with pork and chorizo burgers.

I also chose some pork and chorizo quarter pounders, some chicken and chorizo skewers, a couple of venison burgers and a Sicilian flattened half chicken.

Of course, a barbecue just isn’t a barbecue without some other flavours to compliment the meat. With that in mind, I ordered some hot and spicy corn cobs, a garlic and formaggio flatbread and some dirty wedges. As well as some salad, sun dried tomatoes, coleslaw, halloumi and peppers. I did say it was a feast!

A selection of barbecue food on a table.

Everything was easy to prepare. I was already in the habit of starting off chicken in the oven and the instructions on all of the Iceland food suggested doing likewise. A few of the packs included foil trays so it was simply a matter of bunging them in to give them a head start.

Then it was time to transfer the meat to the barbecue. I love using it and it was nice to see so many different colours on the grill.

It was soon time to dig in. It was no surprise that the Churrasco sausages proved popular. They are clearly intended for sharing and we all enjoyed them.

Some chicken and chorizo skewers.

I found that both the venison and pork and chorizo burgers went very nicely with halloumi, salad and sun dried tomatoes. The Sicilian chicken, meanwhile, was great with some barbecued peppers.

The kids devoured the corn cobs like cartoon characters and made light work of the chicken and chorizo skewers too. Everyone was very well fed!

Iceland Sicilian flattened half chicken on the barbecue with corn on the cob and green peppers.

We really enjoyed this curtain raiser to National Barbecue Month and look forward to a repeat performance soon!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    I love the churrasco sausages myself. Looks like a great selection you chose there. here’s hoping for some more barbecue weather in the weeks to come.

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