18 months old already!

A happy little girl who is 18 months old already!

Somehow or other, Amelie is 18 months old already. It’s a whole year and a half since her dramatic arrival. I’ve got no idea how the time has passed so quickly, but here we are with another little one who is getting into everything.

Her speech is really coming along and she has added plenty of new words to her repertoire. We’ve lost count of the ones she says now and she repeats the last two or three syllables of just about everything she hears. I must stop swearing in front of her – or at least follow any expletives with polite phrases!

It’s not just verbal mimicry though. She loves copying people. She saw me washing my hair the other day; moments later she was tipping water over her head from her sippy cup and rubbing it in. Too funny!

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With this more knowing side comes more attitude, however. A little like Spider-man’s mantra of great power and great responsibility in reverse. This photo was taken as she reacted to the news that pulling the heads off flowers just wasn’t cool.

In fact, there have been a few tantrums of late. If I remember correctly, Dylan and Xander started the so-called ‘terrible twos‘ early and it looks like Amelie is following suit.

The most impressive of these – seriously, I was frightened – was actually over spilt milk. Well sort of. We made the unforgivable mistake of attempting to give her some cow juice in the wrong cup.

I did take pictures of said hissy fit, but I’m saving them for her 18th. Instead, here’s the scene after Storm Amelie had blown over.

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Another parenting challenge has come in the form of sleep regression. She used to be pretty good at going to bed and staying asleep for at least half of the night, but this has changed recently.

It’s now something of a lottery as to whether she’ll go to bed and stay there. Keeping us on our toes is an activity she takes quite seriously.

Despite the odd angry outburst and refusal to sleep, she’s a funny and friendly¬†little girl who¬†loves getting a laugh out of people. She also plays beautifully with her brothers as well as quite happily on her own while they’re at school.

At the rate she seems to be growing up, in won’t be long until she’s at school herself. I’m looking forward to plenty more of her shenanigans in the meantime!


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