What a couple of days

Well, what a couple of days that has been. The last 48 hours have been something of a rollercoaster of emotions.

On Wednesday, we said our final goodbyes to my Grandma who passed away recently. Her funeral was much more of a celebration of life, but there was still sadness of course.

It was a beautiful sunny day that she would have loved and it was great to catch up with family and friends to remember her. It was an honour to read my recent post about her at the service too.

As soon as we got home, it was pretty much time for bed as I had a very early start. I needed up well before 5am for a completely different kind of speaking engagement. My first radio day.

By 8am I was in a radio studio in London. My job for the day was giving interviews to several stations around the country on behalf of a brand I’m working with.

There was a combination of live and pre-recorded interviews about a survey which uncovered the formula for family bliss.

I spoke to stations in London and the South East, Yorkshire, Manchester, Sunderland, Glasgow and Leicester among others. If you’re listening to local radio over the next couple of days, you may hear me!

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I really enjoyed the experience¬†– well, I have a face for radio – but was exhausted by the end of it. There still wasn’t time to put my feet up though. I needed to get back to Sussex for an evening event.

The event in question was The Sussex Digital Awards and I was up for one of them. Once home, there was time for a cup of tea, a quick change of clothes and handover of the kids to my parents and Kate and I were off.

The ceremony took place at the rather posh Pelham House in Lewes. It was great to meet Zoe from Jugglingonrollerskates shortly after we arrived. It’s always nice to put a friendly face to a name and I felt much more at ease with someone I ‘knew’ from the internet there!

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After a meal and ice breaker quiz with the other friendly folk at our table the awards started. My category was first – back came the butterflies. The bronze and silver winners were announced and I was starting to feel relieved. It looked like I wouldn’t have to get up and talk!

Then they got to the gold and started to describe someone who sounded suspiciously like me. I couldn’t believe it – I was up against some excellent bloggers and hadn’t assumed I would even make the top three.

I’m so pleased to have won as it proves I made the right decision to become my own boss. It hasn’t always been easy, but I love blogging for a living and it has worked out.

So, yes, a hectic couple of days. I’m giving myself today off!


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