My Sunday Photo: planting potatoes

A toddler planting potatoes.

Amazingly, the decent weather we were enjoying this time last week has continued. It would have been rude, therefore, not to spend as much time outsideĀ as possible.

It has been a hectic week with lots of ups and downs so it was nice to visit my parents on Friday for a chilled-out catch up. My sister and her kids were there, as was my uncle so it was greatĀ to see them all.

After lunch, the kids had an early Easter egg hunt around the garden. Then they did a bit of hiding things themselves by planting potatoes.

As you can see, even Amelie had a go. I was impressed that she didn’t try eating hers first. And also that she didn’t dive in after it!

I don’t know whether any of my three will actually eat the potatoes once they’re ready, but it was still nice to see them planting them nonetheless.

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