My Sunday Photo: investigating the garden

A toddler investigating the garden.

The much-welcome decent weather has seen us daring to venture outside at long last. Amelie, for one, is loving it. She really enjoys investigating the garden.

I have to admit that, for the most part, our back yard is a tip at the moment. We have a bathtub and basin out there following building work! While we’ve been trying to make it presentable, she’s been checking out her manor.

It’s lovely watching her running back and forth with a huge grin on her face and studying everything she encounters along the way.

In fact, she’s been helping in doing so. I haven’t got round to mowing the lawn yet, but she’s been ridding it of daisies and dandelions by picking them then taking them apart a petal at a time.

My mum will be delighted – finally it appears that one of my kids has developed an interest in gardening!

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  1. Harry's Honest Mummy

    It’s lovely watching their curiosity come on isn’t it. So much for them to see and learn about in our own back gardens. Mine is in to his bugs and spiders at the moment. Two things I come out in a cold sweat about (wasps being my third thing). I have to act really calm while I let them run over my hands so that he can see them up close!! No one prepared me for this 🙂

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