Happy 30th, Disney Store!

Two boys dressed as Hulk and Captain America with props from the Disney Store.

Did you know that the Disney Store is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year? I can remember it opening quite clearly, so am feeling old now!

To celebrate three successful decades, the store is working with 30 bloggers including yours truly.

The idea is to recreate some Disney magic using items from the much-loved store.

Of course, there are plenty more strings to the Disney bow than there were when it first opened its doors. Disney has been joined by Disney Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars in recent years.

For me, Disney and the other brands that are now part of its empire have always been synonymous with creativity and the fantastic.

Now I’m a parent, I also view them as respected allies in distracting the kids when they are being challenging. All three of mine are instantly captivated the moment a film starts and their quarrels are soon forgotten.

I was sent a product from the Disney Store and challenged to recreate a magic moment from a relevant film. Both Dylan and Xander love Marvel so they were delighted when Captain America’s mask and shield arrived at our door.

Captain America helmet and shield from the Disney Store.

When they catch up with their cousins, they often pretend to be The Avengers together. Dylan always wants to be Captain America while Xander’s go-to character is Hulk.

These choices are their own, but are very apt. Dylan was born on Independence Day while Xander has been breaking things since the day he was born. Indeed, he managed to break his umbilical cord on the way out!

With all this in mind, we decided to recreate a scene from The Avengers. Dylan reprised his role of Steve Rogers’ alter ego while Xander harnessed his inner Bruce Banner. For the record, Amelie was dressed up as Iron Man too, but kept getting distracted by things in the garden!

I’m pleased with the final result. They only knocked me out with the iconic shield a couple of times and it’s vaguely reminiscent of a scene or two from the film. Or at least a deleted scene, set in semi-rural East Sussex.

Happy 30th, Disney Store!

Disclosure: Disney Store sent us the Captain America mask and shield set to use in this post.


  1. Jim Flowers

    Sounds like a great idea and a great bit of fun too..

    I would have loved some Lion King themed stuff and tried to create the iconic presenting of Simba to the animals… reality tells me I would be better suited to Timone and Pumba instead 😉

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