Back to reality

A hard hat.

I used to hate going back to work after the long Easter weekend. This morning, however, I breathed an almighty sigh of relief. Finally we’re back to reality after weeks of being all over the shop.

It all started when building work started on our house. This took a few weeks, during which we stayed at my parents’ house. It was lovely staying with them, but staying on top of work became harder with school runs taking significantly longer as they live further away.

The work finished in time for the weekend of Mother’s Day. We decided to stay until after lunch so that we could cook for my Mum. Just as we were about to start eating, we received some sad news. My Grandma had passed away after a short illness. It was news that we were expecting, but a shock to the system nonetheless.

Once we were back in our house, there was little time to clear up the dust that had literally settled thanks to the building work. We had Xander’s birthday to prepare for. Hot on the heels of this came the Easter holidays which, of course, coincided with a sudden increase in work for me!

As well as saying a fond farewell to my Grandma and getting in some all-important family time, the last fortnight has seen me in London three times.

This has included a day of radio interviews followed by a mad dash back to Sussex for an awards ceremony.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining about any of the last few things and we’re still smiling. Busy is good and winning an award is an honour. It’s just been so hectic that we’re still living in a building site almost a month after the work finished!

Add to this the standard sibling wars that characterise school holidays and a teething toddler and I’m so ready to get back to reality. Whatever that is!

So I hope the boys will forgive me for being happy that they’re back at school. It’s nothing personal; I just want to be able to get on with work without huge piles of things that used to live in the airing cupboard looming over me.

That and having carpet under our feet again. So that’ll be just in time for the weekend. Man alive!

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