History Boy

A young boy wearing a Tudor costume.

Dylan seems to enjoy every subject at school but there’s one that is his clear favourite at the moment. History. He can’t get enough of it. He’s forever telling me things I ought to have known about the past.

His ability to retain facts is amazing. As I was the same until parental sleep deprivation kicked in, I shouldn’t be surprised by this. I am though. Like the great plague of 1665, his enthusiasm is infectious.

Recently, for example, he taught me about the Battle of Bosworth. It’s great knowing what happened to Richard III before he ended up under a car park in Leicester. Spoiler alert if you haven’t read up on this yet: he died.

He also knows the order and fates of Henry VIII’s wives. I knew their names but this is only because my halls of residence at university were named after them. Similarly, I knew the pattern of their deaths, but didn’t know what happened to who.

This week has been all about the aforementioned Black Death and the Great Fire of London. I knew a little more about this thanks to the popular nursery rhyme and my favourite episode of Drunk History, but not in the detail that my little history boy did.

I had no idea that, excluding the plague-toting rats and fleas who frankly got what they deserved, there were only six fatalities.

His homework was to create a presentation in any format he liked. I was surprised when he not only chose but insisted on video, but pleased nonetheless. He can sometimes lack a little confidence with such things, but he was obviously excited enough to want to give it a go.

And, do you know what? He aced it! I was so impressed that he only fluffed his lines once or twice. I need so many more takes when I record video content and he blazed through it. Much like the oven-related faux pas of 1666.

Plenty more trips to the library to borrow Horrible Histories books beckon. I’m also looking forward to taking him to nearby places like the site of the Battle of Hastings and Bodiam Castle.

I’m catching up with my best mate tomorrow and there’ll be a pub quiz on. Would it be terribly wrong to smuggle Dylan in for the history round?

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