Creating power-saving heroes with Powershop UK

Two young boys proudly showing their drawings of super heroes.

Both Dylan and Xander love superheroes. So much so, that they’ve been talking about forming a secret group called the Heroes of Power when they’re grown up. Just don’t tell anyone their true identities when they emerge on the scene, okay?

With Earth Hour due to take place next week, this gave me an idea. Although the focal point of the climate action campaign will take place once they’re asleep, I want them to take part in some way.

Thanks to the previous post we did with Powershop UK, they seem to be getting the idea of controlling electricity. I gave them an incentive last time, but wanted to take things a step further.

This was for two reasons: to protect my bank balance and, more importantly, to make using electricity responsibly a habit.

A drawing of some super heroes.

I asked them to create superheroes whose role in life is to save electricity. They didn’t need asking twice and went straight for their felt pens and sketch pads!

I love the ideas they both came up with. The comic book conventions were in situ – heroic characters, colourful costumes and a hint of humour too. The most impressive parts though were those that showed that they have got the message.

A drawing of some power-saving heroes.

This is thanks in no small part to Powershop UK. Watching me using the smartphone and desktop apps as well as thinking about how to keep costs down themselves have clearly made an impression.

Their characters are surrounded by electrical sparks that increase when they sense people wasting electricity. I thought this was very creative. It would have been rude not to bring their power-saving heroes to life on film!

I think the boys have embraced their new alter egos admirably. Hopefully they will stay in character by continuing to adopt a sensible approach to electricity use even when they’re not in their costumes.

This will not only help save money and electricity, but will also help the planet too and that can only be a good thing.

I remain very impressed with Powershop UK. I like the approach that gives customers power in more ways than one and hope it will mirror its great success in New Zealand and Australia on these shores.

Powershop UK currently has an offer for new customers; if you sign up by 31 March you will get £50 off your first three months’ electricity costs. That’s a great way of becoming a power-saving hero!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    I LOVE the fact your boys have got into saving electricity. The number of times I go round our house turning off lights left on by the kids. It does my head in truth be told. Interesting that the Powershop UK app has helped with this. I do like the Powershop UK concept. A new approach to buying electricity I think.

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