Celebrating British Pie Week with Iceland

Did you know that it’s British Pie Week? I love celebrations like this. Not that I ever need an excuse to eat pies, of course!

I’m not alone in this either. Sutton United’s substitute goalkeeper recently caused a media storm by chowing down on one during a televised FA Cup tie. As a nation, meanwhile, we spend over £1 billion on them every year.

Football fans are often heard vociferously asking who ate all the pies. This amount of expenditure suggests that most of us are guilty as charged!

I would never snub an opportunity like this, so I dutifully headed to my local Iceland store. There were plenty of frozen pies to choose from, so it was difficult picking one from the large variety on offer.

Iceland Steak & Mad Goose Ale pies. A great choice for British Pie Week.

In the end, I went for some Steak & Mad Goose Ale pies – both for the flavour and the name. Normally, I would serve them with chips or mash, but decided to try something different this time. I thought that sweet potato fries and peas would go nicely instead.

Pies like this are a prime example of the Power of Frozen. As well as retaining more vitamins and nutrients than fresh food, frozen food is convenient and easy to prepare. It looked to be of great quality too.

A steak and ale pie.

The pies took around 40 minutes to cook. The smell from the kitchen was very inviting and the taste matched.

The meat was obviously of a high standard. It was nice and tender. It went well with the sauce which was also delicious. Speaking of which, we could taste the ale in it. The pastry, meanwhile, was as good as it looked.

A pie with some peas and sweet potato fries.

In fact, the whole meal would not have been out of place in a gastro pub. I’m glad I bought a second box in case I made a mess of the first one – I’ll be enjoying it again before British Pie Week is over!

As I’m not one to shirk important celebrations like this, I took one of Iceland’s apple pies to my parents’ house for pudding after Sunday lunch. Well, it would have been rather rude not to.

An apple pie.

I continue to be impressed by Iceland. The food tastes great and is always quick and easy to prepare. It’s very reasonably priced too. I recommend heading to your nearest store if you decide to join in the British Pie Week celebrations.

What are your favourite pie fillings?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

  • The DADventurer (Dave)
    March 8, 2017

    Looks very tasty! I wonder what makes the goose so mad…?

  • Adrian
    March 8, 2017

    If pastry wasn’t so tum-enlarging i’d eat pies every week not just during British Pie Week. But as I’ve missed most of the week I think I’ll treat myself tomorrow.

  • Darren Coleshill
    March 9, 2017

    That pie sounds very yummy, you can’t beat a good pie

  • John Adams
    March 11, 2017

    Steak and Mad Goose Ale?? Wow, that sounds delicious. I can well imagine what that smelled like while cooking.

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